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CollegeDudes - Gunner Dexx Gets His Ass Pounded By Mike Lobo
Released July 18, 2019

Mike Lobo and Gunner Dexx are ready to have some fun together, their kissing turning into cock sucking as Gunner is the first to drop to his knees and give Mike head.  Pulling that dick in and out of his mouth, Gunner gets Mike’s prick throbbing hard before getting to enjoy Mike’s soft lips around his prick next.  Cock throbbing hard from all the licking and sucking, Mike is ready to bury that dick in Gunner as he bends him over the bed on all fours and enters him from behind.
Taking every last inch of that long shaft, Gunner moans as Mike fucks him hard and steady, his cock driving in and out before Gunner turns onto his back and pulls his legs up to get fucked from a new angle.  The bed groans beneath them as these two studs fuck, Gunner’s dick bobbing in the air as Mike pounds him until Gunner reaches down to play with himself as both guys shoot a huge load!
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