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Titan Men - Riders
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Get your asses in gear and mount up for Riders! Its four 2-wheeler-themed scenes have no back-peddling and a final destination of 12 long-distance cum shots. And Riders has that special TitanMen mix, with uncut Latino and French men and one smooth young stud among the eight hairy-chested, well built guys who work it up in sweaty, man-on-man action.
Four of the most popular TitanMen roll out in Riders. Solidly packed Ben Jakks plugs the tight little ass of everhard Joey Russo, making him piss streams of cum in a startling orgasm that's gonna make yours hit the wall – like Ben's does! Versatile Kent Larson gets off his Hog to hang some oversized pony clamps onto the meaty pecs of rugged Matthieu Costa, before the hog rider's overheated exhaust pipe devours every inch of Costa's fat, uncut cock. Even among such stiff competition, heavyhung newcomer Cliff Rhodes (yes, that's his neverending hard-on fucking every guy in the room in ManPlay-019) commands attention burrowing into Miguel Bravo's furry ass. And Bobby Williams gets off his bike to get off twice when the big bulb-headed cock of Dylan West bangs his tight and tasty bunghole.
Hold tight to your curves and pump yourself for speed—it's Riders!

1. The Men’s Room in the Hot Rod Bar  

When Bobby Williams interrupts an afternoon bike ride and asks to use the john in a nearby bar, is he just playing innocent? When Dylan West follows him in and hauls out a fat, uncut wang, don’t think Bobby doesn’t notice. Dylan rolls back his foreskin, and the swollen head of his cock bursts out like an umbrella opening. It’s a real lip-stretcher. And Bobby’s lips stretch. He devours the huge knob, deepthroating it, getting both men so hot they shower each other with their first loads. Bobby’s youthful hardon won’t go down, and Dylan’s still horny. He throws Bobby over a barrel and rams his big bulb-headed cock deep into Bobby’s bunghole. Dylan’s rude shafting wracks Bobby into loosening another load of cockjuice, and Dylan’s second orgasm hurtles cum all over Bobby’s body.
Turned on by the sounds coming from the head, bartender Cliff Rhodes takes control of customer Miguel Bravo. Miguel’s expression when Cliff smacks him says he wants more, and he wants it rough. Cliff makes sure Miguel gags on his mountainous slab of meat before he rims the dude’s furry crack ‘til it’s lavishly juiced up, and fucks it with mean, jackrabbit strokes. Miguel slams his ass back onto the oversized rod in ecstasy at each merciless jab, and rides the humungous meat until the manspunk sprays from their cocks.

2. The Workshed  

Nothing like a Honda Nighthawk throbbing between your thighs to work you up. Kent and Matthieu have barely pulled into the shed before going at each other with a man’s hunger. Kent’s all over Matthieu’s meaty pecs, and hangs oversized pony clamps on Matthieu’s huge nipples. The tools bang heavily against Matthieu’s hairy torso as he squats to devour Kent’s steely cock, and become tit-stretching pendulums when Kent bends him over to work his tongue into Matthieu’s steamy asshole. The handsome Frenchman gives in to Kent drilling his ass and smacking his buttcheeks raw. But soon his fat, uncut cock is stretching Kent’s exhaust pipe, and the muscular hog-rider hogs every inch he can get. With Matthieu’s fingers making the grand tour of Kent’s tight hole, both men’s pistons erupt in fountains of jizz.

3. A Bunker in the Marin Headlands  

Mountain biker Joey pauses to cruise jogger Ben, who’s stretching on one of the Pacific Coast gun emplacements that have been abandoned for decades. He follows Ben into its shadowy cavern and gags on Ben’s taut tower of hot tasty cock. Ben goes crazy getting a mouthful of Joey’s famously rigid cock, but when Joey buries his tongue in Ben’s molten honey pot, they spray uncontainable loads onto each other. Still revved up, Ben plugs Joey’s ass as the everhard bottom squirms his tight ‘n white little bung hole all over Ben’s big cock. Suddenly, Joey’s pissing streams of cum in a startling orgasm that’s gonna make yours hit the wall. Ben’s does.
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