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Military Classified - Grady 4
Released July 29, 2019

GRADY is back and he's here for another round at Rob's ass and this time it's personal. Grady is energetic today and with every movie he shoots with me, he relaxes more and more so today watch as Grady handles Rob's ass just like a porn star and delivers a pounding that left Rob wanting more. I captured it all on tape!

When Grady arrived to my studios he was pumped and ready for action since he's become quite the experienced performer now with 2 movies under his belt. Today he's back to another crack at Rob's ass and this time Grady takes control and tops Rob exactly the way Rob fantasized about it. Once the cameras started rolling, Grady was already playing with himself and rubbing his cock through his genes like rubbing a genie in a bottle.

Grady's cock was instantly rock hard... oh to be 21 again... and I began my work almost immediately upon seeing that work of art on display. Grady has a beautiful cock, seriously. The doctor did a good job on this one because it was hard, missile shaped and ready for action. I began to gently and slowly work his cock through his pants and that lead to his clothes coming off so he could get more comfortable and I could get at his cock easier.

Grady's cock is thick so I had to get use to it before I let him go to town on my ass so I had to do the side saddle in order for me to sit on it at my own pace. Now an interesting note about me.. I never bottomed before this website. It's not even that hard to believe if you've seen some of my movies but I had to learn how to handle cock up the ass and believe me.. its not easy so my hats off to the power bottoms of the world!

I bit the bullet and bent over the bed next and Grady got behind me and oh my, the rest is history. Grady was a true pro and began to handle this position a lot easier than I thought. His nerves prevented him from grabbing my hips or waist but that ass was so tight for Grady that he didn't take long before he pulled it out and blew his load all over my back..... HOT SCENE here!
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