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Bel Ami - Personal Trainers 3 (2001) mp4
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director Marty Stevens

Alan Connery
Billy Andrews
Dano Sulik
Jeff Daniels
Julian Armanis
Kristof Bogdanovich
Mark Aubrey
Sebastian Bonnet

Bel Ami's "personal trainers", Dano Sulik, Sebastian Bonnet, Jeff Daniels and Julian Armanis, have the enviable task of molding enthusiastic young applicants into first-class video models. And what thorough taskmasters they are! No hole is left unexplored, no body part allowed to rest. Think of the documentary-style Personal Trainers series is erotically-charged "Bel Ami Reality TV". When Bel Ami found Alan Connery, the humpy 25-year-old was working as a go-go dancer in a Prague gay club. What they found curious in him is his mix of shyness and exhibitionism, which can alternate artlessly minute by minute. He first appeared as 'Martin' in 101 Men - Part Nine.

Billy Andrews ('Ota' in 101 Men - Part Five ) is a 20–year-old soccer player from the Czech Republic. Kristof Bogdanovich, also 20, is the youngest of five children from a blue-collar family in Slovakia. This is Billy's first time ever with other guys and it was also the first training session Bel Ami ever filmed. Everything that happens to Billy in this much-anticipated episode was a complete surprise both to him and to the crew! Kristof had some previous experience with men before his first video training session. He has tons of sexual energy and enjoyed every minute of performing in front of the camera. You willl surely remember his casting audition in 101 Men - Part Five) where he was called 'Julo'.

Mark Aubrey is a 21-year-old university student from Prague. He has the ideal mixture of a great body, a beautiful dick and incredible sexual versatility. Originally called 'Roman' in 101 Men - Part Ten), Mark is also probably the most literate and well-read boy with whom Bel Ami has ever worked.

These training sessions are presented in 'real time'; the camera angles are only slightly altered to heighten visual interest. Spontaneous and unrehearsed, the non-stop documentary-style action in the Personal Trainers series is incendiary.

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