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East Boys - Johannes Lars
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Part One - Handjob

We have a new stunner for you gentlemen! Hopefully you share our opinion, let us know. Johannes Lars has Swedish blood, tall, blond, athletic and handsome dude, with beautiful face and - what did we forget? yes, sizable cock, which responds to attention quickly and stays hard as a rock forever! Johan plays with himself for a while, before stripping and having Mr. Hand Jobs pay proper attention to all his body parts!

Part Two - Handjob and Cumshot

We have continuation of handjob with Johannes Lars! Johan gets fully immersed in sexual fantasies, as Mr. Hand Jobs is stroking and feeling his cock slowly, enjoying it's hard on, before picking up the action. It culminates with massive cum explosion, which would make any sperm bank extremely happy! Don't miss!

Part One - Solo Action

Who wants to see how Johannes Lars, one of our most popular models, looks today? Yes, the one with nice smooth body, angelic face and massive cock! Of course you do! Johannes will slowly undress, expose his beautiful dick and start playing with it, stroking it slowly, not wanting to cum too early...

Part Two - Handjob

Fun with Johannes Lars continues. Johannes enjoys attention he is getting from Mr. Hand Jobs, massaging Johannes' neck, feeling his nice flat abs, and finally lets see what is hiding in in Johannes' short, oh my, it's a snake! No, actually it is Johannes' massive thick and long dick, and Mr. Hand Jobs will get closely aquintaned with it, stroking it, playing with it and finally making it to cum, while also fingering Johannes' ass!
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