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Falcon - Flashpoint DC DVD9
Road MovieAnalOralTraffic ConeMotor BikeLeatherHal RocklandScott BaldwinBrad HuntKurt ThompsonBruce MatthewsLuc RussellJackson PhillipsSteve FoxSteve HarperJoe SpearsMr. JosephRob CostaRichard RollinsMark WoodCondoms
Falcon Video Pac 95
Selected by AVN Magazine as one of the "Top 100 Gay Videos of All Time"!
Starring Hal Rockland, Scott Baldwin, Brad Hunt, Kurt Thompson, Bruce Matthews, Luc Russell, Jackson Phillips, Steve Fox, Steve Harper, Joe Spears, Mr. Joseph, Rob Costa, Richard Rollins and Mark Wood.
Directed by Jhn Rutherford.

For my money, the best gay "road movie" ever, "Flashpoint: Hot as Hell" (1994) has garnered many richly-deserved awards, and there are many exceptional aspects: the story, which has tersely written, succinct dialogue, and the direction, by the brilliant John Rutherford, keeps the plot moving right along.

In addition, the action ranges from ultra-romantic to kink, and even includes a back alley forced fuck. The cast is equally impressive. Hal Rockland, to me the most beautiful of the three Rockland brothers, fills the rebel with a big dick role well, and adorable Scott Baldwin is just absolutely pitch-perfect as the not-so-innocent male ingenue with a past. Scott has the Natalie Wood (make that Sal Mineo) thing down pat. Like all good road movies, Hal is a sort of antihero (his back-story is covered in a brief prologue) who of course wears all black. Hal's macho attitude and rather aloof onscreen presence didn't always serve him well in his career, but here it works just fine.

Hal drives into the decrepit desert garage where Scott is the apparent sexual captive of Mr. Joseph (in a hilarious cameo role he plays like a western cousin of one of the inbred "Deliverance" hillbillies). Once Scott and Hal lock eyes in the rear view mirror of Hal's convertible, the heat in goes up a notch or two. When Hal comes out of the garage's rest room, he sees that Scott has disappeared. He looks around for him, doesn't see him, and then leaves the money for the gas on the tank (see, he's not so bad after all). A few miles down the dusty road, Scott's head pops up in the backseat and Hal realizes he's got a very hot and very fuckable stowaway. The rest of the flick concerns the encounters Hal and Scott have on the road. Hal more or less treats Scott the same way as his captor at the gas station at first, telling him to keep his mouth shut and do as he's told -- and, initially, Scott obeys.

Their first stop leads to a tearoom encounter between Hal and Kurt Thompson. Hal plies his tough trade act, which works great on Kurt, who services Hal's big uncut dick while he jerks his own rod. Kurt pops his load on Hal's cue, still breathless from having Hal's dick forced down his throat. Meanwhile, Scott is in the convertible, waiting. Hunky hitchhiker Brad Hunt approaches Scott about a ride, and while Scott thinks it over, Hal gets more action in the restroom, this time from Bruce Matthews and Luc Russell. The three-way that ensues has lucky bottom Bruce getting it from both uncut big-dicked studs, taking turns on them orally and then eating out Luc's bronzed, hairless ass while Luc blows Hal. Then Bruce bends over for Hal's dick while he sucks Luc, who perches on the restroom sink. The cum-shots that end the scene are edited in mind-blowing succession. First, Luc blasts his load on Bruce's face, then Bruce jerks out his load, and Hal erupts onto Bruce's back. Hal allows himself a moment to rub his sticky cream with the head of his still-erect cock, but then he pulls up his jeans and beats a hasty retreat.

Scott is still flirting with Brad when Hal returns, and Hal totally rejects the idea of giving Brad a ride. But is it because he doesn't want another tagalong or that he's jealous of Brad's rough-and-tumble, cowboy good looks? Brad takes the turndown congenially, and again, Hal and Brad are off.

When night falls, Hal pulls into a motel, and after barely covering his delectable, naked loins with the bedclothes, he drifts off to sleep, leaving Scott still awake and horny as hell. Luckily, Scott can hear what's going on in the next room, a hot three-way between some studs who apparently checked in with nothing more than a suitcase full of big dildos and a big bottle of lube. It's too bad that Scott can only hear the three, played by the late blond muscle bottom Steve Fox, young stud Steve Harper, and sinewy stud Jackson Phillips. The scene is one of the most energetic, nasty, and thoroughly exciting three-ways I have ever seen. The scene ends with a rough, hard fuck that Jackson throws into Steve Harper, and at the end, Steve slings long strands of ropy cum from his dick while on the other side of the door, Scott shoots his load.

The next day, Hal and Scott once again encounter Brad, who's still hitching, and this time Hal doesn't object when Scott offers him a ride. A cyclist whizzes past the convertible, and Brad tells a story that introduces the next scene, a kinky encounter between muscle stud Trent Reed and Bryce Colby, who plays the cyclist. It's the only scene that doesn't involve Hal or Scott, and it is a sizzler. Trent, wearing only tight faded jeans and a plaid work shirt open down the front to expose his buff torso, strips off Bryce's jumpsuit (but leaves his helmet in place) and works the younger stud over with his tongue and hands, their bodies gleaming in the hot sun.

When the scene switches back, Hal, Scott and Brad have run out of gas and are stranded. When Hal grabs the gas can and goes to fill it, Scott and Brad get together in the back seat of the convertible. This is one of the most memorable scenes throughout, and arguably one of the most memorable in all of gay porn. Brad and Scott's encounter has pretty much everything going for it: a great setting, studs the camera loves, and mucho chemistry. Scott worships Brad's erection as if he really is in awe of it, and the voracious kisses between Brad and Scott add tremendous realism to the scene. The stunning view of Scott's bubble-butt as he perches on all-fours on the back of the convertible as Brad tongue-fucks him, and Brad's look of total rapture as he braces on the front seat as Scott backs up on his dick are unforgettable. The entire scene is shot in a burnished gold tone, even when Hal returns, throws Brad out naked, and takes off while Scott, also naked, waves a fond farewell from the back seat.

The penultimate scene has Hal sending Scott into a bar to wait as he checks them into a motel for the night. When Hal discovers that the money he's been carrying around is stolen, he has a spat with Scott that attracts the attention of some bad dudes in the bar. A crowd of the thugs holds off Hal as Joe Spears takes Scott to a back alley. Joe's sex with Scott is a forced fuck, but it stops short of being a rape only because Scott enjoys it so much, his dick is rock-hard as Joe is pounding away at his ass. But then Hal makes his escape and sneaks up on Joe from behind, saving (?) Scott. After Hal pulls Joe off Scott, the two studs hole up in a hotel room where Hal tenderly cleans Scott's wounds.

The inevitable encounter between Scott and Hal is quite good, with Hal going against type by blowing Scott first and then of course Hal fucking Scott in the big finale. The foreplay also includes Hal finger-fucking Scott's curvy ass, and Scott rimming Hal from behind. The kissing and the hot looks that pass between them as they fuck in the missionary position add some delicious spice to their coupling, and Scott's cum-shot at the end is huge.

The last shot, appropriately, is of the two riding off into the sunset together.

DVD features: Chapters; gallery; and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

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