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BG Enterprise - Erotic Combat 10 (2011)
BodybuildersJack-offCumshotMasturbationMuscle WorshipHunksWrestlingUnderwearCan-AmCan AmBG EnterpriseDallas TaylorRobbie CardenasDon VincentBrian Hanson

If you like seeing hot wrestlers with muscular hairy chests going at each other, this is your bout. Dallas is a young hairy stocky type bear, and Eric is slim, hard, defined, with a hot butt and nice abs. Dallas has a particular fascination with Brian Hanson`s butt, and if you were he under similar circumstances, you would too. He yanks and pulls on Brian’s trunks whenever he has a chance, and Brian pulls them up again when given the opportunity. As a result Brian wrestles most of the time in the first fall with his butt uncovered. And a sweet site it is, flexing and unflexing as the bout proceeds. Brian does the same thing to Dallas.

The two split the first two falls. The third is erotic sexual strategy on Dallas`s part. He finger-fucks, cock-sucks, tit-sucks, face sits, face rubs, and J/O`s his way to eventual victory. By the time Brian has cum (they cum together), there is no way he can put up a defense to what Dallas does to him to gain that 3rd fall victory.  

Robbie gives a lot away in weight and height, plus he is a scrappy wrestler. But Don is too much for him in the beginning, spanking Robbie`s cute butt as often as possible. It isn't until Robbie, knowing that he is going to lose the match if it continues as is, attacks Don`s cock erotically, that the playing field begins to level. This match has no victor, but there is an ending highlight. Robbie, who is one of BG`s most sexually charged grapplers, shoots his load all over Don`s face, and seconds later Don does the same thing to himself.

Cast: Dallas Taylor, Robbie Cardenas, Don Vincent, Brian Hanson
Release Date: 07/10/2011
Length: 44 Minutes
Studio: Can-Am Productions / BG Enterprise
Homepage: N/A
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