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UK Hot Jocks - AGGRO 2
AGGRO is for aggressive and it is back! Harder, wetter, tougher and with a firmer grip than ever before. If you don't like rough sex... this is NOT for you! Gut punch your way through four incredibly hard scenes. The subs gag, slobber and wretch as huge dicks are stuffed down their throats, they scream and grunt as they're slapped around. The hardened Dom's keep the energy high and unrelenting, they don't rest and they don't show mercy, much. Fucking buckle up, its a severely rough ride!

Scene 1: Boy Destroyed - Teddy Torres & Kobi Lewis

Dark and surly Teddy Torres sits and waits for a willing sub to enter the AGGRO pit. Blue jock and harness contrast hard against the almighty red glow of the lights, shimmering steel and chunky chains that dominate the mood. He’s hard and ready to fuck something! In walks cute-as-pie but downright filthy Koby Lewis. Don’t mistake his size and stature for weakness, Koby can take a serious rough-housing along with the biggest of muscle boys, in fact he fucking loves it.
Teddy grabs him by the jaw and brings him eye to eye to take a closer look. After a few seconds of hesitation, he spits directly into his sweet little face, setting a precedent for the rest of this session! No fucking mercy! Teddy is going to put him through his paces, to test and break some of his limits. ‘Eat my pits, choke on my dick, bend the fuck over!’, Obedient Koby doesn’t argue or hesitate, this is all about his masters pleasure. Putting him through a serious face-fucking, making him gag, gasp and drool uncontrollably, his only breaks are to be brought face to face and spat at, time and again. Upside down throat fucking, head hanging over the edge of the box, Teddy stuffs his thick cock down his gullet while he soaks him in more saliva and throws some chest punches into his furry pecs.
Dragging him over to the hanging tyre, he’s bent over and his arse is now the subject of Teddys desire. Spitting and stuffing some fingers in, he needs to loosen the boy up before he can obliterate that little hole with his solid curved cock, a warm up is about as close to mercy as he’s going to get! Koby wails and grunts… but not half as much as he does when Teddy slides his fat and juicy dick into his fuck-hole. A few slow strokes and then we’re straight into BANG BANG BANG, harness in full double grip and yanking him back with every thrust, there is absolutely no getting away from this fuck. Flip up and over on to the box, Koby’s pert little butt is hanging over the edge, that’s all Teddy needs really. A continual pace of intense and unrelenting fucking, Teddy has an incredible amount of energy… and both guys with stamina to rival any athlete.
A brief moment of control for Koby as he sits on top of Teddy and rides his thick dick, much to his liking. He’s being tested so he knows to ride it as hard as he would be getting fucked. Cheeky Koby intensifies things further by stuffing a few of his own fingers up his arse while he’s getting a fucking, fuck yeah! Koby blasts his load while riding cock like no boy before him, spunk flying everywhere! Teddy drags the cum rag around to his dick, and shoots a thick and gloopy load through his beard and splashed across his cheek.

Scene 2: Brutalised - Wade Steel & Max London

Massive mound of muscle Wade Steel is as dominant as they come. He sits heavily on the red box waiting for a cute young sub to walk in and take what abuse he’s got to give. Max London fresh off the porn block, his first ever sex or nudity on camera strolls in confidently to the AGGRO pit right on up to Wade, who grabs the cocky cunt, brings him in close for a somewhat tender kiss… before pushing him to his knees, stuffing his face in his crotch, yanking his head back and gobbling in his face. Wade is big in every respect and his fat, hard cock is no exception! Max is pushed deep down to his balls, taking all 8” to the back for his throat, then hauled off his cock, leaving him gagging, gasping and covered in his own spit! Back on his cock, sucking for all he’s worth, showing off his deepthroating skills. Wade isn’t a stranger to his own filth, he revels in wiping the gob off his boys face, tasting it himself… then spitting it back at him, messing him right up! He rags him around dragging him on top of the box so his head is hanging over the edge for a good throat fucking. This boy can seriously take it! Max lays back and opens his hole, letting every inch of big Wade in, he knows better than to resist! Masterfully he warms the boy up with some long, slow strokes before building up to a steam driven pounding, using every ounce of weight and force to obliterate his fuck hole… almost taking the box out with him! Bending him over, grabbing his harness and riding him till the end of the earth, if he didn’t feel him deep before, he has now! Max is pulled back, arching gracefully into a kiss from, doggy position, before being pushed back and ridden like fuck! Play time on the tyre swing, Max get an opportunity to lay down but his hole is being shown no mercy. Wade uses the full weight off an industrial tractor tyre hanging from some chains, to swing Maxs arse onto his cock, again and again. Wades strong thighs take the repetitive beating of the extremely heavy rubber with every fuck-stroke. Building up the pace he pulls him in for a hard pounding, fucking the hot white cum out of mats pulsing dick. Dragging him off the tyre Wade wants to cover that pretty face in his spunk.. so he does, loads of it!

Scene 3: Hole Control - Andro Maas & Anthony Naylor

It had been a long time coming but we finally paired up two of HotJocks biggest names and most iconic performers, Andro Maas and Anthony Naylor. Anthony has a fearful lust in his eyes, he can't wait to be dominated! Steely and unaffected, Andro waits for a submissive Anthony to climb the fuck box and crawl his way over to him. Not met with anything soft such as a kiss, he instructs him to open his mouth so he can spit directly into it. Face pushed down into Andros crotch, he licks the leather-like fabric, begging him to get his thick, hard cock out. Slowly unzipping the front of his jock and sliding out his fat ginger meat, Anthony gets to work, all the while presenting, arching his perfect arse up, ready for inspection. Andro lays back, enjoys his blowjob and indulges him a little by smacking his arse, just a hint of what’s to come later. Spinning him over so he can stuff his cock deep down into his throat, testing his mettle, now Andro is really enjoying himself! More of a 1 sided 69 until Andro can’t resist tasting Anthonys big meat too. Not just tasting, sniffling, licking, stuffing some fingers up his arse… very primal, very horny! Getting him bent over he takes a firm grip of his harness and rails his way into him. If you didn’t know the exact purpose of a leather harness, you do now! Pushing him down he climbs on top and fucks him vertically, practically through the fucking box! All the while Anthony is pressed down, helpless and made to endure a power fuck. Relinquishing a little control and taking a well earned break, Andro sits back and lets Anthony ride him, to show him how much he wants his cock. Taking to the suspended tractor tyre, Anthony lays back and thinks of Liverpool while Andro utilises the force and sway of a 200kg swinging fuck bench.pulling him all the way off his cock and back on again, he better keep that hole open! Ramping up the intensity he pulls him in closer and thrusts, he’s thrusting for cum, fucking streams of cum out of Anthony while he screams the place down! Throwing him back on the big box one last time and pulling his head to hang over the edge, ready to receive the facial of his life…

Scene 4: Rough As Fuck - Teddy Torres & Rico Fatale

I think it’s safe to say, we saved the hardest, most intense, roughest EVER fucking scene until last. AGGRO veteran Teddy Torres is back for his final victim… I mean partner, Rico Fatale. It starts off pretty heavy handed, spit here, slap there.. Teddy has his eyes on Ricos incredibly juicy arse and his thick cock deep down in his slobbering throat. The boy can take a throat fucking like the best of them! The sub has been treated to some rough oral fun, time for some punishment. Teddy markers his fists up to Ricos chest, punch, pause, punch, pause, punch. Each strike makes Ricos cock twitch. Bringing him in a little closer, holding him by the throat, its a round of facial slaps, the boy is LOVING it! Orgasmic gasps after he’s been practically beaten… wow! Not being a total bastard, Teddy grabs him in for a deep passionate kiss after he’s finished, with that part of the session anyway. Bent over, hands held behind his back teddy rims Ricos thick bubble butt deep, getting him wet for an imminent pounding. Pushed flat and mounted, Teddy starts to fuck. Rico turns his head back not for a kiss, for MORE spit and he’s rewarded in abundance! Holing onto Ricos harness he pulls him back and rides him like he’s trying to escape! The boy is LOUD, you’ve never heard a bottom make the walls echo like this in porn… ever! Rico is a master screamer, especially while he’s getting his ass fucking handed to him! Dragged to the edge of the bench, legs in the air Teddy drives deeper into him still. Sweat drips off of both guys.. “fuck me” rico gasps, *SMACK*… that’s what you get for making orders! Taken over to the hanging wheel and angled just so his dick can get in at its deepest. Using the full force of a heavy industrial tyre a a fuck tool for Rico’s arse, Teddy is more in control than ever… and Rico is louder than ever. This is a fuck to remember!

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