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BoyFun - Get A Grip - Gregor Gilead - MP4 1080p
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Added: Apr 28th, 2019


With his tight young body and his impressive cock cute little Gregor Gilead could just send out a text and have a whole parade of horny guys ready and waiting to please him in a session of incredible BoyFun, but we all know that now and then a young man like Gregor needs to take care of business in a long and leisurely masturbation session, and we love watching them go at it. As the boy strips naked it becomes apparent that his cock is most certainly in need of a good seeing-to. His underwear bulges while he plays and we get the chance to admire his smooth and toned build. Laying back on the bed his cock demands release, soon revealed from the confines of his tight undies, lube quickly smeared all over his bulging tip and shaft. His pink balls roll around in their loose scrotum while he strokes his wet shaft, the pleasure slowly washing through him. We can only imagine what he's thinking about while he jerks off, but as his free hand approaches the smooth cleft of his buttocks and slips between to probe the tight little hole they find we can guess he's imagining a big cock prodding at his pucker to thrust deep inside. While many boys his age might make do with a quick wank once a day this young man is more experienced in the art of self gratification. His long session of cock pleasure continues in various positions, showing us how he likes to enjoy his alone time, his fingers exploring, his hands thrusting around his engorged length, his balls swinging and bouncing as he gets closer and closer to the final release. Finally, he lets go. Semen spews from his rounded cock head to splash over his body, over the sheets, spilling out in a messy eruption that has us all wishing we were there to unload our own cum with him. Satisfied for the time being the boy relaxes and enjoys the afterglow of his efforts, but we all know he'll soon have another cum load ready to share with a friend.

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