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Catalina - Daddy's Teenage Turn-On
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Let Catalina Video and director Brad Austin show you what it's like to be Daddy's Teenage Turn-On. Big and burly bears and hairy sexy daddies matched with cute, skinny young teenagers.

In Palm Springs there's definitely no shortage of Boy lovin' Daddies, or Daddy lovin' Boys. As daddy-o Steve Hurley cruises the streets of PS, he's overwhelmed by the sight of “barley-legal” Latin cutie, Danny Lopez. Daddy's got to take Danny to his place to see if he's broken-in. Steve has painters at the house but wastes no time in getting his boy in bed. In exchange for a suck on Steve's tool, Danny gets his smooth little ass licked good. And then after a nice ride on Daddy's rod, the kid shoots his load on Daddy Steve's beard.

Lance Hancock is the painter in Steve's house that gets all worked up hearing Daddy's Teenage Turn –On moan like a baby. Luckily, Lance has his own Teenage Turn-On right there with him. Rico Suave's smooth, hairless body is an intense orgasmic clash with Lance's furry muscular stature. After this boy is done on his knees he rides daddy's cock until he loses his load all over.

Hairy Bear Daddy, Clint Taylor's already naked and sweaty when we find him with skinny blond twink, Sloan Christian. And it doesn't take him long to get his rocks off.

Meanwhile, Zach is cruising around the streets and comes across (well, not yet) cute fresh-faced boy Steve Waye. Zach sucks and fucks the hell out of this kid, and then he cums across him.

Again, the contrast of extremely hairy and extremely smooth is quite an arousing visual. Daddy Jack goes on-line to find his teenage turn-on. When Baby-boy Anthony comes to the door he's even cuter than daddy imagined. After some mutual sucking Daddy's Teenage Turn-On is fucking his hairy, tattooed ass like you'd imagine a young buck would.

Daddy's Teenage Turn-On is another winning example of Catalina's trademark, “All Kinds Of Action For All Kinds Of Men”. There is no other.
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