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Sean Cody - 2522 - Brysen and Jayce Bareback - 480p
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Muscular hunk Jayce is thrilled and nervous for his first time bottoming with ripped stud Brysen. “I’m gonna bottom for the first time!” exclaims brown-haired Jayce. “This little guy is coming out to play,” says Brysen, as he excitedly pulls Jayce’s boxers down revealing his bare butt. He continues, “I’m quite excited to get this dick in there as well!” “It’s a big fucking dick man. Little nervous at first, but we’ll see how it goes. As a top, I told him I was open minded, and down to bottom, so I’m very excited,” says Jayce. “He’s little and petite so I can pick him up and throw him around a little bit,” says an eager Brysen. “It’s not my first time with something in the butt, but it’s definitely my first cock,” answers Jayce. “That’s quite the honor there! You hear that? You get to be the first,” says Brysen talking to his dick. “Yeah, it’s gonna be good,” adds Jayce.

Release Date: December 1, 2018
Duration: 34m 51s
Resolution: 480
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