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Raging Stallion Studios - Lords of the Jungle
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Something has happened. Ten men have struggled to shore, washed up on a muddy beach and lucky to be alive. They are dirty and tired, hungry and desperate. They will do anything to get rescued--and anything to survive! The sun is blistering and brutal, the beach dry and hot. To live they must enter the thick, mysterious jungle and fend for themselves in what will become an adventure of a lifetime! As the days drag on the tropical heat drives each man wild. Testosterone builds and relief is nowhere in sight! Finally they turn to each other and the island becomes a stage for sexual struggle. Fucking each other like savages, these men become primitive by instinct, requiring only food and sex for survival! Arguments are settled by cock size as tops take charge in a two-class world. Brute rules this island, and each man knows his place in a hierarchy of lust and desire. Lords of the Jungle is a massive ten scene-long masterpiece in the tradition of Arabesque, brought to the screen by Directors Chris Ward and Ben Leon. A triumph in filmmaking, Raging Stallion brings you this major movie as an example of what heights porn can achieve. Shot entirely in Hawaii with a stunning cast, Lords of the Jungle makes you think of a high-end television show. The entire movie was shot on new HD cameras, giving the movie a look and feel that you have never, ever before seen in porn. This movie may change the way porn is made--it is gritty, nasty, and dirty, and as hot as it gets! This is the must see movie of the year and it will immediately become one of the great classics of outdoor filmmaking

1. Jake Deckard At, Marc LaSalle Ab
Jake and Marc decide to follow the coast for a bit to see what they can find. After walking along a sheer cliff they come across a mysterious cave, a tunnel that leads inland from the sea. Feeling adventurous, they enter the cave and walk into the darkness. They soon discover that this an ancient lava tube that leads to an isolated patch of hidden jungle. As they explore deeper and deeper they become exhausted. Jake needs to take a piss. When Marc catches a glimpse of Jake's cock he can't help but stare! Jake, frustrated at the situation, gives in and lets Marc take a turn on his ever-hardening pole. Marc is thirsty and he sucks like there is no tomorrow—Jake, now fully engaged, starts to fuck Marc's eager face in a blowjob that is stunning to behold. Before long, Marc offers up his tight ass, which Jake makes his own! Three dramatic fuck positions follow in a grand slam opener to this amazing movie. Marc LaSalle is a new superstar, and his performance with Jake Deckard is that of a champion!

2. Blake Nolan solo
Meanwhile, Blake Nolan decides to check out some vine-covered limestone cliffs. He wanders off alone, but soon he is lost in a maze-like web of stone passages. The sun is relentless as it pounds down upon him. He stops to rest, his huge hairy chest rising sharply with each deep breath. He finds a small spot of shade, the cliff towering hundreds of feet above him. Alone, he takes the only pleasure left--he strokes his cock and enjoys his beautiful body with his hands. As white jiz empties out of his cock, he is more exhausted than ever. He marches on to find his way back to the others.

3. Collin O'Neal At, Jay Black Ab
"I smell barbecue!" says Jay Black as they emerge from a dense forest onto an empty field. "You are crazy," replies Collin O'Neal. They have been searching for something to eat for almost an entire day. They found a few coconuts and bananas, but nothing else. Jay knows he is hallucinating, and the two trudge on, climbing a small mountain as they continue their search. After several more hours they end up on a point on a ridge overlooking a fertile valley. The beauty of the scene distracts them from their dire situation. Together they gaze out across the rugged landscape, slowly noticing each other. The scent of sex is in the air and their cocks both respond instantly. Collin quickly takes out his big dick and feeds it to Jay Black--it may not be barbecue, but it is probably the next best thing! Collin allows Jay to service him (wait until you see this footage!!!) before turning him over and fucking him silly. In what is probably one of the most dramatic fucks ever filmed for gay porn, these guys get into each other on a level rarely seen in adult movies. The fucking is astounding and the footage we present is some of the best that Raging Stallion has ever offered! And wait until you see the cum shots--could these be the best cum shots of the year!? We say yes, but you will have to decide for yourself!

4. Blake Nolan At, Steve Cruz Ab
Over on the east side of the island is a huge stand of tall rubber trees--a huge forest of them. New RSS discovery Steve Cruz and Blake Nolan are hiking through the dense green foliage as they explore the island. After hours of trekking, they are lost, surrounded by rubber trees on every side. As they rest beneath the thick canopy of green,they think about their future and their fate. Somehow testosterone takes over as they begin to study each other's perfect, hairy chests. Steve, a new face in porn, is a top's perfect bottom--small and tight, hairy and fit, stunning to look at... Blake is a bottom's perfect top--over six feet tall, huge and masculine, hairy, strong and confident. In what may be one of the finest scenes since that famous Huessein / François Sagat pairing in Arabesque,these two hairy studs fuck in the jungle like Tarzan and his mate! This is raw sex at its best--reduced to the most basic of human instincts. We guarantee that this scene will become an instant classic and will become a favorite for men around the nation! Steve Cruz makes a hell of a debut, put thru the paces by the towering master, Blake Nolan.

5. Matt Cole Atb, Jay Black Abt, Collin O'Neal At
This triumphant three-way is a compound scene of switch-hitting that ends part one of Lords of the Jungle. It is a long scene shot on two separate locations and features three distinct setups.
The location is the rocky ground by a volcanic beach--huge black stones cut apart by rivers of sea, waves smashing high into the air with the sounds of swaying palms blowing in the background. It is paradise. Collin, Jay, and Matt have little interest in the island scenery. They are focused on each other. As the scene begins, they are drawn together into an oral interlude in the world's most stunning spot. The blue sky, the green sea, the white waves and the black rocks all combine to offer an impressionist's picture of pure beauty. The men, muscles writhing, cocks engorged, asses open...well, you get the idea!
After some shocking oral sex, the three men move to a tree and Matt Cole begins to fuck Jay Black. Matt's cock, hard as a rock, find's Jay's hole an easy target. As he goes in for the bull’s-eye, Collin pumps his own big dick down Jay's throat. The fucking is amazing, with great photography as only Raging Stallion can deliver! Long stroke after long stroke, the guys change locations, finding an old stump surrounded by coconut trees. Here Matt Cole takes a pounding from both Collin and Jay! The fucking causes enough friction to start a fire! Finally, after repeated positions (all carefully selected so that you, the viewer can see EVERYTHING) each of our castaways shoots a huge, heavy, globby load of white hot cum.

6. Rambo (blk) At, Mario Cruz (00s) Ab
Part two begins with a very studly Mario Cruz and new discovery Rambo hacking their way thru the dense jungle, machetes in hand. They emerge from a 100-foot high wall of vines and cross an open field before entering a huge grass thicket. There is no way around, so they chop their way thru. The sun it hot and the insects are biting. They are really miserable, but they must press onward. Finally, under the cover of a stand of banana trees, they take a break, resting on the remains of a huge fallen tree. Who can say what thoughts are crossing their minds? One clue might be in the furtive glances they give each other: Rambo checking out Mario's ass without being caught, or Mario staring at Rambo's many tattoos, glancing away quickly when Rambo turns towards him. This game can go on for only so long, and soon both men are on to each other! Cocks come out and lips are locked as the fun begins. This is Rambo's first-ever porn scene, and man is he a natural (after this scene RSS signed him to an exclusive contract!). He and Mario are great together, and tropical lovemaking never looked so good. The light in this scene is stunning--making it a work of art! The action is excellent, and the camera work expert--a great scene to start off part two of Lords of the Jungle!

7. Steve Cruz Og, Jake Deckard Or
This is a short, sexy interlude, an oral scene between these two studs. It is also a foreshadowing of things to come! Jake and Steve have been cast to co-star in 2007's huge follow up to Arabesque, a movie Chris Ward has entitled Mirage. But back to Lords...Steve and Jake are on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. With nothing but blue sky and sea behind them they take a moment to relax together, and to suck each other off. You will not believe Jake's no-hands cum shot! And wait until you see how Steve's entire body spasms in orgasm when he shoots his load! It is an all-oral break from the furious fucking that dominates the rest of the movie.

8. Blake Nolan At, Mario Cruz (00s) Ab
Finally we get some food! Bake and Mario are trekking thru the jungle and come across some wild papaya plants--loaded with fresh, ripe fruit! They scramble for the first real food they have had in several days! After devouring the fruit they are in a great mood--and you know how these porn plots go...munching papaya turns into sucking cock as both men begin to devour each other! Blake enjoys receiving head, but what he really wants is some of Mario's tight Latin ass. And that is exactly what he gets! Mario takes a pounding like the bottom stud that he is, and Blake fucks away, enjoying every single long stroke. The cum shots tell the story--stranded on an island or not, these guys are thrilled to be alive! And they are living every last moment to the fullest!

9. Jake Deckard Atb, Jason Crew At, Matt Cole Abt
The ninth major scene of Lords of the Jungle opens with three men struggling thru the jungle. They come down off a huge, thickly overgrown hill, frustrated and angry. They are lost and they take it out on each other. A squabble develops full of bitchiness and sarcasm, and the only way to make it stop is to shove a giant cock in every open mouth! Jake understands this and takes charge again, forcing a complaining Matt Cole to take his meat. Soon all arguments are forgotten as Matt alternates between Jake and Jason, sucking their cocks down his parched throat. Jake takes his turn on Jason's ten inches of meat, deep-throating every bit of it. Jason, who looks like a young Colin Farrell, enjoys every minute of the attention!
Soon Matt is positioned between Jake and Jason, with Jake cumming up the rear and Jason working the mouth end. All Matt can do is enjoy it, and you know he is having a blast when his cock gets so hard that it looks like it hurts. Jake fucks him long and hard then trades off to Jason to deliver the real deep tissue treatment. Cum soon splashes everywhere! But wait, there is more! Jason then decides to turn the tables on Jake--he fucks Jake's furry ass with every inch of his massive cock. Most guys would never be able to take this kind of treatment, but Jake is a man's man, and he loves every minute of it! More cum shots round out the scene--a three-way extravaganza that is a showstopper from start to finish. This scene alone is worth the cost of this movie!

10. Matt Cole At, Jake Deckard Ab
Scene nine turns into scene ten with hardly a moment's break...Jason has left the scene and Matt Cole, clearly fed up with being a bottom, grabs Jake and throws him down on a rock. Jake's ass is soon in the air and the fucking begins with no oral warm up. Guys, this is a great scene. It was so good that we decided to use this two-way pairing as the grand finale of the entire movie. This fucking is picture perfect and represents a high-point in all male eroticism! Just imagine--two masculine, built, confident men, fucking on rocks in the middle of the jungle! These men are the Lords of the Jungle!

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

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