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Rascal - Lookin For Truble
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Starring:  Jan Fischer, Brandon Lee, Brent Everett, Cade Devlin, Eddie Stone, Enrique Velazco, Patrick Downs, Tristan Bennet.

"Lookin' for Trouble" concerns the misadventures of parolee Jan Fischer, a man so absolutely stunning he looks as if he just stepped off a runway rather than out of a prison. This Teutonic hottie has perfect hair, perfectly set mysterious inviting liquid eyes, a killer body, a cock that doesn't quit and an ass every bit as special. As the nominal star of this flick, he really earns his status with two smashing scenes, but he's nearly outdone by a cast every bit as zesty. It seems as if any one of them could easily dethrone the star in this awesome movie, but Jan carries it by giving the proceedings that little something extra, an invitation that encompasses both brutish sexuality and warm sensuality.

Jan has finally completed his parole and he's excited for the outside world, so off to the streets this good-looking man goes, back to his old ways in moments, stealing a wallet from a parked car and stumbling drunkenly into an alley where the vision that is Brandon Lee is holding court on a motorcycle. The tattooed sublime Brandon gives Jan a run for his money in the hotness department and thankfully the entire scene lives up to the promise of these gorgeous demi-gods. Brandon invites Jan to play with the bike, and the way Jan blows a handlebar is a tip-off of things to come. He finally gets to Brandon himself and after sloppy kissing, pit-licking and nipple-biting, Jan goes to blow Brandon. Jan gives Brandon a deliciously sexy sucking, with those penetrating eyes staring up at his charge the whole time. Brandon goes to work with a hefty deep-throat, Jan smacking it all the way back into his mouth, a typical ace from this amazing pro. Shot from oodles of angles to capture it all. Brandon dives into rim Jan's supple ass, jacking himself the whole time he licks and licks. He can't resist a finger or two as well and after the expert chew, Brandon fucks Jan, his own butt clenching. Brandon is all firepower, giving Jan a non-stop parade of manic thrusts, which Jan takes with stunning ease. His ass is smooth and willing. Jan plays all cool about it, which only seems to egg Brandon on. Brandon's missionary is just as exquisite, smoothly bounding in and out of Jan's velvety hole. When it's time to cum, Jan is placed on the bike, they kiss and beat off until Brandon fires away. He licks it up, and then sucks down Jan's fingers before Jan cums. "Same time tomorrow, same place," Brandon orders, but the cops arrive to find a drunken Jan and it looks like this parolee is in trouble again.

Boxy muscular blond Cade Devlin and ravenously handsome Brent Everett, who has added a hell of a lot of muscle to his still-twinky look, are still on parole, but they can't resist going to a rest stop to make some much-needed money. In walks manicured brunet Eddie Stone, who is willing to pay. Pulling out his wallet, he informs them he is a cop, but since he has only one pair of handcuffs, "whoever puts on the best show, gets off free." He orders beefy Cade to suck big-lipped Brent's cock, a monstrous piece that Cade greedily inhales. Brent clenches his abs in appreciation (or maybe for show) and then Eddie joins Cade in the sucking, both rather selfishly grabbing the dick from each other, though there's clearly plenty for both. The slick dark Eddie and the dangerous blond Cade make a nice match on this cock together. It's a swirling mass of tongues and a fight for maximum space. Brent clearly loves it, standing against a stall wall that says "deep throat or go home" (can I get one of those for my apartment?). The guys each take a toilet seat so Eddie can rim them. First he takes Cade's manly butt, opening the cheeks wide and stuffing in so far there's no need for an X-ray. Cade climbs all over the toilet so Eddie can continue his sensational tongue-fuck. He moves to Brent, who has a tuft of hair at his hole, and the rimming is no less magical. Eddie is unstoppable. Eddie sandwiches himself in the middle of the thugs, with Brent fucking him and Cade getting fucked by him. Eddie is the major player here, his balls swinging wildly as he bottoms and tops vigorously. Cade's ass is poked all the way out to receive this hearty fuck and Brent is statue-solid so Eddie can work backwards onto his cock. Eddie keeps up the pace with frighteningly good ability. Eddie then fucks Cade unimpeded by a cock in his ass. He continues scooping a large fuck into Cade, hitting him with bursts of speed and trying out all different kinds of styles. Cade then turns around so Brent can fuck him, off like a rocket and slicing through Cade with his enormous meat. Cade keeps turning around so both guys can get him again and again before the guys stand over Eddie and everyone cums. Eddie sends Brent on his way because "I want to go another round with you, blondie!"

Jan is back in jail, sharing a cell with slightly bearded rough-looking dark Enrique Velazco while guard Tristan Bennet, of the square jaw and passionate good looks, reads over Jan's charges. Jan blames his dick for always getting him into trouble. Both guys are intrigued, so Jan pulls it out. Enrique swallows it whole from the first gulp as Tristan tries to get them to stop. Enrique is in no way desirous of ceasing his super-charged blowjob, gulping and gulping. It all makes Tristan hard, so Enrique sucks him through the bars with the same result, this despite the wicked curve on Tristan's cock that could make such a deep-throat unfathomable. But, Enrique manages it. Jan finally invites Tristan into the cell and Enrique is like a pig in shit with two dicks to suck. He does them together and he does them separate, but all with such speed, as if he's going to lose one if he lets it out of his mouth for too long. Tattooed Tristan then has the guys crouch on a bench so he can rim them, starting with Jan's unbelievably hot ass. The rimjobs are as powerful as Enrique's blowing, Tristan's strong tongue lapping around Jan's hole, the latter rolling his eyes back so sexily it's off the charts. Tristan stretches his body to get in deep, his muscles dancing all over the place and the camera wisely pans down his body to see it. He moves onto Enrique and gives him the same kind of wowing attention, his tongue just slurping up acres of ass. Enrique is then placed between the men, sucking Tristan so that Jan can fuck him. Like his own ass, Jan finds Enrique's carpet-smooth, allowing the top to slide in and out with a great pace and power led by balls that demand to slap against Enrique's ass. After the savage fuck from Jan, he is turned over so Tristan can do him. Tristan slides deeply into Enrique and gives him a grinding fuck as well. His long pole has a long way to travel up Enrique's butt, but it gets all the way in there as Enrique fights to keep his mouth on Jan's cock. Everybody coats Enrique with cum, Enrique supplying the best pop of all. You can probably guess what Jan does when they all collapse in exhaustion.

Brent shows up for his final parole meeting with Patrick Downs, a guy so gorgeous he looks like he's on loan from the soap star collection, and since Cade hasn't shown up, the manly swaggering Patrick is all alone with his adorable charge. Facing the prospect of being a truly free man, and since Patrick has officially ceased to be his parole officer, Brent expresses his one desire to "get down on my knees and suck your cock." Patrick strips to reveal a hard muscular body, but he delights in licking all over Brent's just as much as he likes getting his licked. Brent makes good on his promise and inhales Patrick's cock. Those succulent lips help him get it all down as Patrick writhes happily as Brent gives him a sensational blowjob. Patrick then gets to blow, thrusting his neck into a truly astonishing blowjob of Brent, especially considering how big the cock is. But, Patrick takes it whole, even with Brent's gentle swaying at his face. Reciprocal blowing is perhaps better here than anywhere else in the film. My wish for a 69 unfulfilled, I was completely satisfied seeing Brent bend Patrick over the desk to fuck him. Brent fucks Patrick pretty hard, and he has to, because big Patrick has locked his elbows down on the desk to make Brent work that hard. This little spitfire is a scene-stealing top, knowing just how much viewing pleasure he can inflict with that strong huge cock. Full in-and-out shots show how great a bottom Patrick is, matched so well with Brent's volley of shots. Patrick then rides Brent, and his speed at taking the entire cock in one swoop is dazzling. They sit together on the desk to cum, as Patrick locks his eyes on Brent's cock and tells him to stroke it, as is prolonging the experience that is unfortunately about to end. Patrick pops big and then Brent ends with a whopper that reaches his chest.
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