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English Lads - Hayden riding a double ended Dildo and cumming like a fountain!
Str8 hunk Hayden, you wont believe what happens! It’s quite an innocent beginning as he chats while snuggled under the duvet, though you soon discover the duvet is moving up and down, he flicks it back and Will is sucking him off! Some great oral as they get into a 69 and Hayden is soon backing onto a large double ended dildo and as soon as the lads wriggle they “shove” it harder into each others asses! There is some Olympic styled pumping of ass as the two lads pump back and forward and after plenty of ass filled action Hayden’s speed of pumping forward and back on the double ender picks up; he moans a load and shoots a nice big splurge all over the duvet and himself. Wow what a performance Hayden!
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