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MEN - Dick Swap Part 3 - Johnny Rapid & Mac Savage (1080p)
Released April 20, 2019

When Mac Savage spots his neighbor, Johnny Rapid, practicing his blowjob skills on a rubber sex doll, he decides that watching the action isn't good enough. The mustached hunk lures Johnny away from the toy, and when the hard and horny twink isn't looking he sneakily slips himself in place of the toy. Johnny comes back and resumes riding what he thinks is the thick cock of the doll, but when Johnny's boyfriend comes home the ruse is exposed. Quick to forgive, the two horny studs finish what they started with an energetic, intense and acrobatic fucking and sucking that climaxes with Johnny getting double-penetrated by Mac and the doll at the same time.

(Note: Contrary to the website's tagging, the video isn't bareback at all. You can clearly see Mac using a condom on Johnny. What were they referring to as bareback? Johnny using the dildos?)

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