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Bel Ami - Body Worship - Andrei Karenin, Torsten Ullman and Eluan Jeunet (810p) (re-upload)
Today we have arguably our 3 fittest models together in a steamy 3way. Torsten, Andrei and newcomer Eluan all meet up to compare bodies and their different fitness regimes. It turns out that there is not just 1 way to a perfect body; Andrei spends a lot of time in the gym, Torsten gets his body by carefully managing his diet and Eluan... well it just seems to happen naturally for him.
Not only do they all have perfect bodies, it seems that they are also all perfectly horny. Andrei bottoms first here for his buddies and relishes his chance at getting fucked by 2 big and beautiful dicks and afterward gets his chance to fuck Eluan's beautiful bubble butt.
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