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Waterboyy - The Series (Thailand, EngSubs) Episode 6 of 14
SchoolYouthSportsSwimmingSlow RomanceMultiple CouplesGay CharacterLesbian Character
Waii is the most popular member and captain of the Ocean College swimming club. He has a difficult relationship with his father who is also the team’s coach. But the swim team hasn't won any medals for the school in a long time and it will be shut down if they don't start winning soon. Arpo (or Apo) is the latest swimmer to join the club.

The "Mapping Relationship" chart shows the different characters and their relationships with each other.

The security cam footage showing Wan and Min leaving a classroom adjusting their clothing is leaked, and Wan's reputation suffers.

Exercises beside the pool become erotic when Coach Mai works wih Put, and Apo and Waii are paired.

Min discovers the leaked clip on line, and Namkheng thinks that Mai is Fah's secret girlfriend.

Waii and Apo are playing in the pool, when Waii's girlfriend joins in. She takes Waii away for herself.

Min is looking for Wan, but can't find her.

Archi is admiring a picture of Waii on his phone when Kluay covers his eyes and pretends to be a robber. But its all in fun, though Archi was quite frightened, then annoyed.

Apo is waiting to have an early morning run with Waii, but the girlfriend turns up too.
An early morning visit to the pool by Put is just to impress the new coach, who then sees the leaked clip and questions Min.

Min discovers where Wan has been "hiding".

Pan tries to give Namkheng some makeover clothes and then accidentally says she is a tomboy. When her previous girlfriend passes with a boyfriend, Namkheng pretends to be Pan's new girlfriend, while Kluay "plays" with Archi.

Min saves Wan from Pon, who has seen the leaked footage and thinks she is now an "easy" girl.

Fay meets Waii and Apo believes that they are spending the night together, while he and the rest of the team have a party.

Waii's ex-coach father, and his boyfriend Kan, are playing in the pool, but coach is missing the job and his son.
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