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Catalina - Easy Riders
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Mount up for man play on the open road as Director Josh Eliot paves the way to all male cycle action on this randy romp through the Russian River Valley. You'll be coming with nine Catalina leading men as they take it all in the calmness of nature, beautiful blue skies, and their buddies' rock solid cocks!

1. Randy White, Hank Sterling
Randy White completes his new motion picture and his limo driver Hank Sterling takes him for the ride of his life.

2. Bill Marlowe, Dean Johnson
Randy sets off for a bike race with his buddies Bill Marlowe and Dean Johnson and they make a pit stop with a dildo.

3. Jean Paul Cocteau, Wes Daniels, Alvin Eros
Wes Daniels and Alvin Eros come across Jean Paul Cocteau jacking off in the woods and they have a 3-way.

4. Adam Archer, Tom Farrell
Later Adam Archer becomes lost and finds his way to Tom Farrell and the two of them go at it hot and heavy in the beach house.

5. Randy Whitet, Bill Marlowe
The race ends in a fight between Randy White and Bill Marlowe which gets reconciled at the premere of White's new movie.
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