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eBoys - Bare Orgies.avi
Age - Barely Legal/Twinks/Young MeatBody Types - Gymnasts/Ripped/SwimmersCast - Adorable/CuteBareback/Group Sex//Orgies
eBoys Studio presents Bare Orgies
Release Date JUNE 16TH, 2009
Running Time 300 MINUTES

eBoys Studio presents Bare Orgies
They love to breed, seed and eat creamy loads. A Cast of 26 boys starving for steamy sex and big dicks. Why fuck 1 boy when you can have many more? 26 boys, 7 scenes, 3 hours of dirty sex!!!

If you are into romance and sweet love, this movie is definitely not for you! Eboys Studio booked the biggest pigs in the business to produce the hottest movie on the market. The movie is a collector from Boy's Juice, Seed My Hole 2, Raw Evils, Breeding Sexclub and Seeding Farmers. Some Boys are just perverts!

Eboys Studios, a porn company based in Switzerland, prides itself on showcasing "a new breed of twinks." That tag line is a play on the fact that the studio produces videos featuring barely legal boys doing the deed bareback.
In "Bare Orgies: The Perverted Collection," Eboys provides viewers with a more than 3 hour disc containing seven scenes featuring more than two dozen European boys from five of Eboys' best-selling titles. Every scene finds horny boys eating cum and bottoms getting their holes lubricated with sperm. Each scene is at least a three-way, which skirts the minimum definition of orgy for this reviewer, but each is also a nicely composed sex vignette necessitating a ready stack of cum rags if you plan on watching this disc in one sitting or something less than one scene at a time. One scene that goes above and beyond is an outdoor five guy suckfest that ends with one boy getting loads of cum squirted onto his face. Another scene that most certainly meets the orgy label is a ten-boy barn fuckfest that is a perfect treat!

Men who enjoy seeing uncircumcised penises will also be happy as they are predominate among the boys, tops and bottoms, featured throughout the video. "Bare Orgies" is ultimately a satisfied work of porn that will get any barebacking twink aficionado up and shooting.

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