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Judas Kiss (2011)
Sci-FiTime TravelProfessorStudentOne-night StandGay SexYounger SelfOlder for YoungerObsessionBlackmailHookupsMysteryCompetitionBoy WonderFilmmakerSecond ChanceGay TeenagersComing of AgeFirst TimePromiscuous SexMale Nudity

Judas Kiss

A professor's one-night stand with a young man..
Backfires when the student walks into school the next day!

Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Duration:  1h 34min
IMDb: 5.6
Director: J.T. Tepnapa
Writers: Carlos Pedraza, J.T. Tepnapa
Stars: Richard Harmon, Timo Descamps, Charlie David, Brent Corrigan..
US Distributor:

WINNER: Q Fest philadelphia 2011 - Rising Star
WINNER: Flickers Rhode Island 2011 - Youth Jury
WINNER: Filmout San Diego 2011 - Best Screenwriting
WINNER: Flickers Rhode Island 2011 - Alternative Spirit
WINNER: Q Cinema festival Texas 2011 - Best Feature Debut

Plot Keywords:
coming of age, first time, gay sex, promiscuous sex, male nudity, sci-fi, time travel, professor/student, one-night stand, younger self, older for younger, obsession, blackmail, hookups, mystery, boy wonder, filmmaker, second chance, gay teenagers.

Movie Info:
This gay time-travel tale - peppered with a sexy young cast, high production values and an unconventional script - packs a creative and captivating punch! Zachary (Charlie David) was a boy wonder filmmaker in his college days. But now, hitting thirty, his best days are long behind him. So when his agent encourages him to travel to his alma mater to judge a student film festival, he reluctantly goes: he has nothing else to do.

Returning to his old campus, he tosses professionalism aside when he has a one-night stand with Danny (Richard Harmon of AMC's hit series "The Killing" and the twisted gay thriller Dear Mr. Gacy), the talented student filmmaker whose much talked about movie is the one to beat at the festival. Sexual shenanigans are the least of his problems when he realizes that there has been some sort of time shift and that Danny is really his 20-year-old younger self! He’s looking directly at his past. But Danny’s none the wiser: it was just a fling with an old dude as he goes about his tumultuous personal life - juggling relationships with the cocky Shane (Belgian cutie Timo Descamps) and with Chris (Sean Paul Lockhart), a fellow student with a crush on him. As Danny plots his way to an award-winning filmmaking future, Zachary works to change the past... and hopefully his future.

Director J.T. Tepnapa, who made a splash on the gay film circuit with his short Masturbation; Putting the Fun Into Self-Loving, directs a very talented cast unusual gay coming-of-age story!!

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