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Pistol Media - Sexgaymes: Up the Stakes
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The SEXGAYMES line is developed around the themes of good sports. Soccer fields, boxing rings, weight training gyms, locker room shower stalls, and the grand and glorious outdoors all provide backdrops to five full-on hard-on up-your-ass and down your throat sex scenes that stand out as the best erotica Australia has to offer!

1. Aussie Football: Men of the Match - Billy Slate, Spike (Roo), Steve Davidson, Trevor Gamble

It is a hot, sweltering night in Sydney and the guys finishing up their soccer play are sweating like pigs. Covered in muddy grime, they head off to the showers to get cleaned up. Enter Spike and Billy Slate, two studs that will leave you panting as they eye each other and drop to their knees. No music here--Just the rumble of bodies and the hot hiss of sex energy! The sparks fly as each man plows the other in a switch hit spectacular that will choke the cum out of your cock. As they fuck the precum pools out of the ends of their rock-hard poles.
Meanwhile, back in the locker room/shower to more soccer studs getting it on and getting it off in a plow-my-hole scene that pits Steve Davidson against Treavor Gamble. These guys are quite simply as hot as it gets! GQ faces and million dollar asses all smile with satisfaction for the camera. Beautifully shot in a shower, this is a study in all male art that ends in cum pumping thrusts! Davidson is one to watch! He is astounding in both his beauty and energy. This Double Scene is the perfect start to your video vacation to Australia!

2. Fight: Up The Stakes - Brendan Austen, Lance Gear

Brendan Austen, (That is MR. AUSTRALIA to you and me! You last saw him as the British officer in A Porn Star Is Born) takes to the mat in a sparring match against Raging Stallion superstud Lance Gear (Star of SEXUS and the upcoming PLEXUS!). Whenever we have filmed Lance, it has been all out! He is one of Gay Erotica's finest performers, winning awards right and left, bringing his own real sex energy and spirit into every scene he films. This was no exception, but with Brendan Austen sharing the spotlight, this scene blasts off at full throttle! Boxing has never been filmed so well, and both men had back bruises the next day to prove it! A violent start showing how much these guys want to get at each other soon shifts gears into a sex-crazed frenzy showing how much these guys want to get into each other!
This scene hits all the marks (oral, riming, anal) and arrives at a shocking and startling conclusion: Brendan Austen fires his load out of his fine uncut cock right into Lance Gear's waiting mouth. Lap it up Lance! It tastes so good that Gear (knowing that he is breaking a long-standing porn taboo) shoots the biggest load of his lifetime--so big that it hits the cameraman across the room! See it for yourself as blast after blast of hot Gear Cum splatters into the camera lens! Simply too good to be true--but it actually happened! This scene has AWARDS written all over it!

3. Athletics: Workin' Out - Harrick Sharp, Aaron Richards

Hot, young gay guys look the way they do because of a gym culture that rules the ship-up or ship-out world of the gay urban male. It's only natural, then, to have a porn scene filmed in a gym. The guys at Pistol make it happen in a way that brings to life this popular fantasy. Two muscle men, Harrick Sharp and Aaron Richards start off doing their chest routine. But bench presses and flies turn into pit licking and nipple biting in a hot-and-bothered foreplay to anal intercourse on a fuck bench. What makes this scene so delightful is that the camera captures each and every nuance of their ripped and pumped bodies, flexing interspersed with fucking! And what bodies these men have--could Aaron Richards be a Playgirl model? He sure has the look--supremely cut, chiseled facial features, etc., etc. But Playgirl models don't do the things this man does (or do they????). Both guys shoot their cum at the same time, offering a showcase for their beautiful abs as white cum channels down every line of rippled muscle. A great scene!

4. Water Sports: Speedos and Goggles - Brendan Austen, Scott Ford

Guys in a pool doing laps with a top-dog trainer who barks out orders like a drill sergeant--now this is a setting to film a porn scene! And what a scene it is! Brendan Austen (we can't get enough of his shapely ass!) takes charge in the locker room in a twisted three way. Of special mention here is stunning Scott Ford, who's clipped hairy chest ripples with youthful muscle power. Where do these guys come from? We always think of Australia as a distant place populated by the progeny of criminals--but who would have ever thought that they were all sex criminals! History lesson 101 (the way we see it): back in the old days Britain decided to ship all hot men who loved hot ass to Australia on the theory "the farther away the better." Skip forward 200 years and look at the result of this social experiment! Hot men who still love hot ass--only now they do it for you on film! Who could ask for anything more?

5. Water Sports: Surf-Ski Sex - Damon Bradley, Kyle Kirk

Finally the pistol cameras head into the outback for an outdoor extravaganza that reminds us of the great scene of Shane Rollins butt in A Porn Star Is Born. What we have here is a natural setting and two world-class beauties going at it on land and in the water. We simply cannot describe how hot new discovery Damon Bradley is paired with Kyle Kirk, Bradley looks more like a Hollywood movie star than an Aussie ass master. With a butt to rival the best, and hard cocks all around, this scene is the grand finale of one of the most amazing movies of the year.
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