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BoyForSale- Austin L Young (THE BOY AUSTIN) Chapters 1-7 (Full 1080p)
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'Boy For Sale- Austin L Young (The Boy Austin) Chapters 1-7'

Released: March 2019
Studio: Boy For Sale

Running Time: 3 Hours And 10 Mins

Austin was, until he dropped out, a senior in high school. Recently he even started attending classes at the local junior college which is remarkable only because he looks quite a bit younger. Standing at 5’2” and weighing just 100lbs, he barely weighs in as a full grown adult. Overwhelmed by the pressures and responsibilities of young adulthood, he’s fantasized about being able to give up his independence.

Without knowing much about his sexuality, his daydreams are filled with thoughts of surrendering to strong, powerful men who would take care of him and tell him what to do. In fact, the very idea has been enough to get his young heart racing, his cock hard, and his hole twitch with anticipation. After a recent spate of bad luck, the boy found himself alone and on the street where he was recruited by Master Felix, groomed to become one of his prized possessions. The boy willingly submits to his new owners, turned on by the idea of becoming someone’s property and freed from the burdens of life without his beloved collar

Boy For Sale- THE BOY AUSTIN- Chapter 1- The Merchandise (GROOMER- Master Felix & Austin L Young) Running Time: 36 Mins

Breaking a boy in is hard work. Even when they want it--when they know they need it--it’s truly more of a delicate art than a science. You have to study the boy, feel his body, feel his will, find where he’s his strongest… and where he’s his most vulnerable.
When I found little Austin, he was alone and cold on the street. He appeared frail, too small and thin to be a man full grown. It wasn’t until I thoroughly assessed him that I found that this was just his natural way. He would always seem small and frail. And in my experience, that is what many of my clients find the most valuable.
For Austin, breaking him wasn’t just a matter of showing him my authority. It was clear he would listen to me and do what I told him. But when I touched him, he had a moment of hesitation. A doubt. A feeling in his mind that he was supposed to protect himself. Protect something he’d been told was his. This was part of the correction process. Part of the hard work ahead.
All his life, he’d been told he was his own person. His own man. That he needed to be strong and independent. Responsible for his future and that path he would walk. I could see it in his eyes as soon as he looked back up at me. He was lost, confused, and desperate for a place in this world. He didn’t want this responsibility. He didn’t want to have that burden.
I had to free him from this notion. Free him from his true cage: autonomy.
Austin first needed to be stripped of himself. His identity. His history and expectations. I brought him into the staging area, a dark, secluded room where I could help him undergo this essential transformation. He was nervous and shaking, as any lamb would be when brought to an altar of sacrifice. But through the fear in his eyes, I could see his heart bursting with hope. He didn’t know what was coming, but deep down, I knew he’d be happy that he didn’t have to be the one to decide.
I ran my hands over his body, feeling him, assessing him. He trembled a good deal. Something to fix before he heads to auction. I placed him down on all fours, splayed out, still weak from the street, barely able to keep up his insubstantial weight. I tried to calm him, running my hands over his head and face, petting him like a stray puppy. I was amused by how my palm seemed larger than his entire head. It excited me, and I knew it would excite my clients.
Pulling off his clothes, I knew I had to test him to see how he would respond to my authority. I pressed his nipples, feeling them grow firmer and more sensitive as I twisted and squeezed them. I had to assess his limits if I was going to get a fair price for him, so even as he squealed and moaned, I persisted, discovering that upper limit.
I won’t lie. I felt my cock grow harder as I felt his neck in my hands, seeing him suppress his fear to continue to yield to me. I knew my purpose in that moment wasn’t to gain satisfaction, but this beautiful boy inspired it in me. Seeing him, feeling him in the grip of my hand… I wanted to possess him and own him.
But he wasn’t ready yet. He still was clinging to the idea that his body was his. That his nipples were his to shield. Even as I reached my hands down into his pants and grabbed his boy cock, I felt that flinch of resistance. He was as hard as I was, but not yet a possession.
I pulled down his pants, freeing him from the garments of his past, the last threads of his individuality. I gave his nuts a good tap, hearing him squeal through the pain. He stayed in place. A good sign. I placed a hand over his mouth, silencing him… an act that made my cock even harder.
But it wasn’t until I had him naked and on all fours, his butt up in the air, red from my hand, that I could feel him beginning to give up the control. His tight, smooth hole was completely vulnerable to me, taking to my oiled fingers with increasing ease and acceptance. I was impressed with how much it could take, and I was certainly not gentle.
I oiled his body, seeing the red marks deepen as blood rushed to where I’d been. Slick and submissive, he began to melt in my hands. His cock became fully erect, pulsing in my grip as I reached for it. I knew I had to open him up, stretch his virgin hole, and see the look in his eye as the final bit of himself slipped away. The self that would become my property, my object… my merchandise...

Boy For Sale- THE BOY AUSTIN- Chapter 2- The Auction (BUYER 1-Master Legrand & Austin L Young) Running Time: 37 Mins (Approx)

I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I took my seat. The auction hall was full of wealthy men. Men from all over the world, all with different, high level positions and careers. Lawyers, doctors… I think I even saw a couple politicians. Part of the society’s code was anonymity and secrecy, but certain men have a way about them they can’t hide.
It can be easy to feel impressed with the caliber of elite individuals surrounding you, but at the end of the day, their presence is adversarial. We all want the same thing. Supply is limited, and the cost is high. And the more the other man has, the more you have to fight to get what you want.
Today’s lot was small. Just a couple items being sold. I was prepared to sit tight, keep quiet, and simply watch the sale in action. It can be exciting just to witness the drama of the transaction without ever placing a bid. But when the “Austin” boy was put on the block, I couldn’t stay passive.
The price went high, and it’s understandable. He was perfectly presented, beautiful behaved. His skin was smooth and miky, broken up only by the black tie around his neck and the leather jockstrap that worked to keep his genitals in place. His big eyes looked out into the crowd, seemingly at everyone and no one at once. His face showed no fear or doubt. He was prepared. Prepared to be owned.
With every snap of the auctioneer’s fingers, the boy quickly and obediently presented his hole out to the crowd, giving us a better look at on what we were bidding. As the masked man’s hands moved over his body, between his delicate parts, and into his body, my mouth watered. My hands imagined they were up his, exploring him in such a powerful way. The thought was enough to get my cock hard right where I sat, and I knew I had to bid.
Winning was a thrill like nothing else. Not only was I able to feel the upmanship of besting my peers, but I’d just bought the right to own him. To possess him. He was mine to use as I wished. No fantasy, no role play. He belonged to me. And that was a power unlike anything else I could have imagined.
When I got my hands on him, this only grew stronger. He shuddered slightly when my fingers caressed his hole, but I could see it in his eyes that his training kicked in, steeling himself to endure whatever I presented. Even as I took off my belt and ran the hard leather over his flesh, he continued to present his soft, delicate butt to me, without showing what fear he must have undoubtedly had. This is what ownership means. It’s not his butt. It’s my butt. And I can do what I want to it.
With the rest of the men now gone, retreated to the parlor for their drinks and small talk, I felt myself come into my power. My authority. Everything I’ve built myself to be. I was the master. And there was no debate.
His little boy cock felt like a trophy in my hand. Hard, but most importantly, earned. Even though I knew I owned him, it was even hotter to think he was turned on. I didn’t know what was going on inside his head, but every response he gave me proved his loyalty and obedience.
When I gave him my cock, he took it in his hand and worshipped it dutifully, taking it deep into his tiny throat. He was so small, his wrist seemed thinner than my girth. He got it perfectly wet in short order, as if even his salivary glands were trained for this purpose.
With the glistening of his spit on my big cock head, I was able to push it into body smoothly and without resistance. Fuck. That was amazing. His brow furrowed slightly, the only sign of his doubt. It was his first time, after all. Who knows what the auctioneer did to prepare his hole, but he’d never felt a man’s cock inside him. He was being shaped to my cock, like a custom order sheath.
He felt perfect, wrapped tightly around me. I took my time with him, testing his hole and what it could handle. How deep I could go and how hard I could push before he let out his first sounds of pain and pleasure. But I knew I had to be careful. At least, for now. I didn’t want to break my toy just as he’d become mine...

Boy For Sale- THE BOY AUSTIN- Chapter 3- The Prize (BUYER 1- Master Legrand & Austin L Young) Running Time: 28 Mins And 51 Seconds

I stayed in the corner, waiting and ready. It was our first day together since I was sold and I wasn’t sure what was needed of me. I watched as Mr. Wolf sat on the edge of his bed, filing through papers, a stern look on his face.
He was clearly someone important. Someone who had a lot of expectations on him. Responsibilities and demands. People depending on him. I know how hard that can be. It was easy for me to give up, but I could tell this was a man who thrived on it. Still, I knew it wasn’t my job to simply admire him. I was to serve him.
Hours went by. He sat and worked the day away. And I sat. Still and obedient. Then I thought: maybe he needs a break. A distraction.
It was risky making such a bold move on my own. But I knew he’d correct me if this wasn’t the case. Hopefully he wouldn’t trigger my decorated collar, but I didn’t like seeing my master so stressed.
Crawling from my corner like a puppy needing attention, I moved my way between his legs. He didn’t look up for his papers at first, but once I began to toy with his zipper, he looked down into my eyes. I could see a friendly smile meeting me. He was amused and pleased. Yes! I was doing what he needed.
The tall man reached his long arm down, feeling my butt. The black bow-tie collar and the black straps of my jock strap were the only thing I was permitted to wear, so he had easy access to my hole. As he should. It’s his now. His hole to play with as he sees fit.
It felt good to have him tease it. His warm hands were a welcome reprieve from the open, cool air. I pulled out his cock, now rock hard and pointing up at my face. I pleased him, and it showed.
Taking him into my mouth, I felt his massive member hit the back of my throat. I settled down an urge to gag at first. An urge that would too often make itself known. I had to work on that. I wanted to be better for him. Though, everytime I did show my not yet quieted gag reflex, it seemed to make him even harder. Perhaps he got off on seeing me struggle.
“Pop that butt for me,” he whispered. I did as he commanded, pushing my ass into his hand and arching my back. With his member in my mouth and his fingers on my hole, I was completely in his control.
I won’t lie. It was very hot. I knew this is what I wanted, but in the moment, living it, experiencing the total submission, nothing was more of a turn on. The jockstrap worked hard to contain my own erection, but as Mr. Wolf’s hands explored more of me, it was an impossible task.
Mr. Wolf pulled his cock out of my mouth and leaned back in bed. The papers he’d so carefully studied were now strewn about the side of the bed like discarded clothes. I was the sole focus of his attention now. It was a heady thing to consider. I was his property and he was now playing with me. It felt good.
I crawled back after him, missing the feeling of his cock in my mouth. It was my purpose now. To please him. To worship him. To make him feel like the king he was. I made my way between his long legs and felt the warm, hard shaft make its home between my lips again.
With a mouth full of my master, I looked up at him again. He had a smirk that was undeniably sexy. He was a man of means and great power, and I was able to make him smile! I felt honored just to have his cock in my mouth, but I wanted to give him everything. He already owned it, but I wanted him to take it.
“That’s a good boy. Take off my pants.”
I obeyed his command, springing up from my position to pull gently on his fine clothes. The rich fabric was unlike anything I’d ever felt. I thought for a moment that I shouldn’t be allowed to handle something so fine, but then I saw the glistening saliva from my mouth drip down his long shaft onto the woolen material. I supposed then that my fingers were no worse.
With his pants off, I could see his balls hanging low. They were heavy, suspended by a long scrotum. I knew what they contained and what was coming. What they held so dear would be inside me once more. And it was everything in the world to me.
“Let’s see if this can’t fit inside you,” Mr. Wolf said playfully, holding up his cock straight in the air. It seemed impossibly large. Even bigger than it was before. He then took off my jock strap, peeling it off my narrow hips, and pulled me forward. Straddling his legs, I felt his massive cock against my butt and knew what I had to do.
Taking it into my hand, I could feel it was still wet from my mouth. I took a breath and placed it up against my hole. Remember my training, I relaxed my ass and slid it inside in one steady motion. Mr. Wolf’s eyes widened with delight, not just from the feeling of my warm insides wrapping around his throbbing cock, but also with the thrill of knowing that I could take him simply and without hesitation.
With that, I felt him grow even larger inside me, stretching out my hole. He nodded and I began to do my duty, rocking back and forth on his bare cock, knowing that my one job now was to make him cum...

Boy For Sale- THE BOY AUSTIN- Chapter 4- Slave Boy (BUYER 1- Master Legrand & Austin L Young) Running Time: 23 Mins And 12 Seconds

It can be tricky separating the humanity from your property. You see a sweet set of eyes, an adorable face, and a small, tight body and you can forget sometimes that this isn’t a person. At least, not in the way we think of people.
Austin makes me very happy and I care for him deeply, but it would be irresponsible for me to confuse those feelings. He is my property. Bought and paid for. I own him and he is mine. And while soft, sweet sex is nice, I need to remind him (and myself) what our relationship is.
To this end, there are certain rules. One, when we’re eating, I eat first. He serves me, watches me eat, and takes my plate away. After this, he’s then allowed to be fed. Another rule is that he cannot speak unless I speak to him first. And even then, I explicitly have to ask for a response. But one that I think is most helpful is sleeping arrangements. I have my bed, warm and big. But Austin? I’ve been provided a cage for him to sleep him.
It’s plenty big enough for him to be comfortable, but it’s kept in a separate room, locked each night with a key that only I have. This sets the tone. This makes it clear. He begins every day with the sound of my key, and ends every day in the security of my control.
Last night I locked him up as usual, guiding him into the secure room. I felt a little horny, so I decided to use his body one more time before I turned in. Being that he’s mine, he has to do what I say. No objections.
He took of my clothes, worshipping my cock, looking up at me the whole time. Something about the way he looks at me, I can tell he’s not just obeying. He fears me and respects me. He sees me as his superior and master. He would do anything for me. And wants to. I’m not sure yet which part is the most thrilling.
Even as he had his mouth on my cock, I could feel it growing bigger and bigger inside his throat, pushing the walls further apart to make room for my manhood. He just obediently held me in place, pushing back watering eyes to continue to service me. Man, am I lucky.
Beside his cage is a bed of my own. I don’t sleep in it. It’s not for that purpose. It’s where I do my real work as a master and owner. I laid Austin down as easily as if he was a pillow. His small, delicate body seems to have no weigh at all. With him on his back, legs up, I penetrated him deeply and without ease. And like he was a personal sex toy, he took me.
Based on the sounds he made, it seemed like it hurt him a little. Maybe I was a rough. Certainly rougher than normal. But he laid there, legs up, ass open, and continued to take me as I pushed deeper and deeper. Even in moments of discomfort, he didn’t fight. Didn’t resist. Which only made me even harder.
As I said, it can be tricky separating the humanity from your property. Austin feels pleasure, for sure. He even feels pain. But the purpose of this kind of room--this kind of fuck--is to put that all aside. He’s mine. I own him. And I am entitled to use him as I see fit. No matter how rough, how hard.
Nothing gives me a good night’s sleep better than the full and complete pouring of my seed into his hole. And with a mouth on his mouth and my cock in his whole, I’m sure to sleep soundly...

Boy For Sale- THE BOY AUSTIN- Chapter 5- Party Favor (BUYER 1- Master Legrand & Austin L Young) Running Time: 23 Mins And 38 Seconds

Mr. Wolf has been good to me. He’s taken care of me, fed me, and kept me safe. But I know that I’m not his forever. Property changes hands all the time. And I’m no exception.
Tonight Mr. Wolf showed me off to some of his friends. Wealthy and powerful men like him. All prospective buyers. All potential masters for me. I knew I had to impress them. Not just to make Mr. Wolf happy, but to also show my obedience to my future owner.
They sat around and talked for a while. Drinking their expensive spirits from crystal glasses. Talking business, politics, and how they shape the world. It felt like being in the presence of royalty. Perhaps I was.
As they spent their time, I served them, tending to their needs and doing as Mr. Wolf requested. Toward the end of the night, my duties became more involved.
I showed off my body to them at Mr. Wolf’s request. He showed them my most intimate and private parts. Strange men of all different interests, taking their turn feeling my body, my hole, and my cock. They talked about me, evaluating me and inquiring about me as if I wasn’t there. Just an object, no different than any other prized property.
Mr. Wolf had me show them, too, how I could get fucked. In the private company of his colleagues, I took his bare cock, riding it as I propped myself up on his legs. For a moment I thought it was awkward and exposing. My instincts were initially to be embarrassed. But then I remembered my role--what I agreed to. I was to do whatever Mr. Wolf asked… including get fucked in front of his friends.
As he grew inside me, fucking me, he commented about my hole, telling them how good I was, how well trained I was. I wasn’t sure what they wanted to see, but I did as my master commanded.
It was strangely exciting, though. Seeing the men all staring at me, watching as I took a big cock up inside me, all of them grabbing at their own cocks, aroused and intrigued… it was very hot.
What came next, though, was even more exciting than I could have predicted. Mr. Wolf had me go to each of his friends, one after the other, and let them sample my wares. They played with my nipples, tasted my hole, and tried out my hole for fit. Each one took their turn, sliding their raw cock inside me, seeing how deep they could go.
I looked at Mr. Wolf. His usual pleasant smirk was gone. He was in business mode. The same stern look was on his face that was there when he was on the phone or looking at his papers. His cock was hard and he stroked it as I worked my way around the room, but it was clear what was on his mind: money.
One after the other, I let them inside him, feeling their balls slap against my hole, doing for them as they requested, riding or taking, slow or fast. They weren’t allowed to cum inside me… at least not yet. As Mr. Wolf said, that was the one of the privileges of ownership. The thing that they claimed over the others.
I don’t know if Mr. Wolf had any inkling of jealousy. He watched stoically as I was passed around, serving his friends as diligently as I served him. Perhaps his concept of ownership was beginning to fade, diminished as each new cock penetrated the hole that he’d first claimed.
In the end, I knew my days as Mr. Wolf’s property were coming to an end and soon. The men I pleased appeared satisfied with my body and my obedience. As a final show of goodwill, I was made to lie on the floor, arms, legs, and hole stretched out, as they took turns finishing themselves over me. Cum poured over my face, my flesh--each man looking at me with lustful and possessive eyes. Only time will tell who I will belong to next. I just hope I can make them happy...

Boy For Sale- THE BOY AUSTIN- Chapter 6- The Auction (AUCTIONEER- Master Legrand & Austin L Young) Running Time: 21 Mins And 38 Seconds

As much it’s hard let go of what was mine, seeing Austin on the auction platform is a special thrill. He’s so obedient, so well trained. He came to me pretty disciplined, but I like to think I gave him some extra structure as well. After all, I was his first and only master.
From the moment I won him and inseminated his tight, virgin hole, he was mine to mold and shape. And now, seeing him back on the block, I believe he’s an even more valuable prize for whoever should win him next.
With the crowd of men watching, I show off his best assets. With simply a snap of my fingers, he presents his fuck hole perfectly, showing its pristine, tight pucker. My big cock had definitely worked it hard, but it still retains its original purity. With his cute face and smooth body, no one would ever have think he was no longer a virgin if he didn’t disclose.
As I run my hands over his body, I see his cock grow harder in his tight jockstrap. He’s still responding to my touch, aroused and ready to be used and fucked. Of course he knows what he’s now meant to do. He’ll please me, yes, but his job now is give me the best return on my investment. I’ve put many nights, many hours into Austin. And now, I’m going to get the best payout.
The dark room is a buzz with murmurs and chatter as other men see my possession on display. I take his cock in my hand, squeezing it, teasing it, even firmly tapping his balls, showing just how much he can take. I see the bids come in faster, pleased with his durability. This gives me another idea.
I snap my fingers and Austin kneels in front of me. I open his mouth. His bottom lip hangs still in the air, soft and supple. It’s hard to not kiss it… maybe bite it. But I want to show them just how far he’d come under my ownership.
Pressing a finger on his tongue, I look in his eye, and pressing down slowly. I don’t have to say anything. He obediently keeps his mouth open and his face still as my long digit creeps to the back of his throat. As I continue, I see his eyes tear up, holding back his strain and discomfort. But through that, he showed stillness.
He didn’t cough or choke or gag. He took me deep into him and didn’t fight or struggle. This wasn’t true when I first got him, and I know this will command a good price. Men would love the opportunity to shove their fat cocks into this slave’s mouth, knowing they can use it and fuck it at their pleasure.
I pull my fingers out. I snap my fingers again. Austin puts himself on his back, spreading his legs, lifting his ass up for my view. I reach down to prepare him for the main exhibition. With a bottle of lube in my hand, I pump out some liquid onto his hole. It looks so beautiful, glistening and reactive to the wet substance dripping around it.
His hole puckers and pulses, seemingly involuntarily, eager to take what’s coming to it. I pull a glass probe from the side, warming it in my hand, watching Austin’s eyes widen. He loves nothing more than being used and dominated, and here he is, quivering and ready to feel his hole used for an audience.
As the glass toy presses against his hole, I circle his sphincter, watching his hard cock hang down toward his face. Its tip shines as some precum makes its way out. He’s excited, horny, and ready. Still, he obediently waits, legs spread, hole relaxed. He’ll wait there for as long as I want, do what I want, and take whatever I give. And now, a whole room full of bidders see this. And they’re eager to have him for themselves...

Boy For Sale- THE BOY AUSTIN- Chapter 7- The Prize (BUYER 2- Master Myles & Austin L Young) Running Time: 19 Mins And 29 Seconds

There’s nothing better than winning. That feeling you get under your scalp, that electric tingling that excites you, makes you feel taller and stronger. When I was the top bidder for Austin, it was a rush like nothing else. Not only had I won, but I was now this little guy's owner. He was mine. Mine to enjoy.
It’s somewhat of a rite of passage to get the gold ring on your finger. It’s a symbol not only of the new bond between master and slave, but it’s also declaring your place among the others. The buyers. The elite. It’s a fraternity I’m proud to be a part of. It’s a powerful feeling knowing you’re among such esteemed men, watching them express their authority and power, and to see them take claim of their winnings.
Today, I’m the lucky victor. As I step up to the auction stand, I see my prize waiting for me. A beautiful, well trained boy, presenting his hole up to me like it was served hors d'oeuvres. Showing me his tight little pink bud, inviting me, and completely submissive. Reaching out my hand, I simultaneously felt my mouth water and my heart pulse thinking of getting my first taste.
Claiming my prize is more than just an indulgence. It’s also a pledge. By taking my new slave’s hole in the view of my peers, I’m affirming my membership. By seeing each other lay out our seed and marking our new property, we know we’re serious and can be trusted with this awesome power.
As Master Legrand stepped away, passing his property to me like a gentleman, I loosened my tie, ready to feast on my treat.
Austin is a beautiful, sweet boy. His face is like an angel’s and his skin is smooth as silk. I would be attracted to him in any context, but knowing that I owned him… it brought something out in me. A ferocity and an aggression. Every touch, every look from him… it was that electric feeling of owning this boy again and again. And never went away.
My mouth fell to his hole, licking and tasting him, knowing he would do anything I asked--let me take any part of him, and likewise take anything I gave. I grazed my teeth against his smooth flesh, wanting to take a bite, knowing I could, but holding back. I brought my hand to his hole, fingering its opening, its warmth. HIs tight little sphincter wrapped around the tip of my finger like it could suck it in of its own accord. My cock pushed hard against the zipper of my pants, fuller and harder than it had been in quite some time! I was going to fuck this beautiful little guy, and by the time I was done he would certainly know that he is mine.
I took out my cock, happy to give the others a look at my massive tool as I had many times before. I would have shown it off to anyone just to enjoy the familiar jealous look on their face. People have always envied my looks, my body, and my size. Now, they got to envy seeing my huge cock disappear inside my tiny slave boy’s perfect little ass.
Austin sobbed loudly as I pushed into him. I knew he was no longer a virgin, but this was his first time taking my cock. His moans were like music to my ears. Seeing his flesh stretch and yield to me, it was a primal, powerful feeling. I felt like a warrior, a Spartan, a viking. Dominant, virile, strong, and in control of his boy property. The facial expressions on Austin were exquisite, a cocktail of pain from my many inches and pleasure from feeling his body stretch to accomodate my length and girth.
I grabbed his neck, feeling his collar press tight against his neck--a reminder of what he was. I used him like a toy, pushing him up and down on my cock. He was so small and lightweight, it required little effort to have him exactly where and how I wanted him at all times.
From the murmurs among the men watching, I was reminded that the others always enjoy watching as I claim a boy.
This is what life was meant to be like. For men like me--like us--the superior and powerful., As my nuts readied to unleash my load and pump him full of my cum, claiming him on a biological level, the exciting feeling of owning this boy completely spread throughout my body, making me feel like a god among men...

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