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Corbin Fisher - ACM0950 - Kenny Fucks Philip
There is a dead torrent (with file size slightly smaller) and despite request for reseed there have been no seeders, so thought would upload.

Corbin Fisher wrote:

Outside on the basketball court, Kenny is shooting hoops and Philip suggests they play “T-O-P.” The guys get a letter for each basket they make. Kenny wins easily, but I don’t think Philip’s too unhappy about that!

They guys get showered up and sit down with Pete. It’s only Philip’s second time bottoming, and since his first time was with Cain, Pete says Kenny has some big shoes to fill. Kenny’s up for the challenge, though!

They guys kiss. Kenny quickly licks his way up and down Philip’s chest and stomach. Philip moans in ecstasy as Kenny works on each nipple with his tongue.

Philip’s cock is rock hard by the time Kenny sucks it. Philip groans uncontrollably with pleasure. He’s loving the feel of Kenny’s hot mouth on his dick. Kenny strokes Philip’s dick in between eager sucks. He also slaps it against his tongue.

Kenny pulls down his shorts so Philip can go down on his cock. The chemistry between these two is electric! Philip plays with Kenny’s balls. Kenny’s going wild. He leans back and every muscle in his body tightens as he gets an incredible blow job!

Philip gets on all fours so Kenny can eat his ass. Philip groans with pleasure. Kenny spanks Philip’s ass and tells him he can’t wait to fuck him. Kenny spits on Philip’s ass and sticks a finger deep in his hole. He slips two fingers in and now Philip is the one going crazy!

Kenny teases Philip’s ass with his cockhead, making him want it even more. Kenny slams his dick inside Philip. Philip’s boner sticks straight out. “It feels so good!” he says.

Philip jumps up and rides Kenny’s cock in a reverse-cowboy. Kenny grabs Philip’s rock-hard cock and slaps it against Philip’s stomach. Philip grinds all the way down onto

Kenny’s dick, taking every inch. Philip is loving this. His dick is harder than I remember it ever getting before!

Kenny fucks Philip missionary-style on the couch. He drives his cock home and Philip jerks his cock as Kenny fucks him. Kenny slows down and slides in and out.

Finally, Philip can’t take any more. “I’m gonna cum!” he says and blasts a huge, thick load all over his stomach!

Kenny continues to pound Philip. He pulls out and shoots his load on top of Philip’s stomach as well. They kiss, exhausted by the intense fucking. That was one well-played game of “T-O-P!”
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