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California Gold (2000) RAD-Junior DVD
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director Richard Morgan

Chris Masters
Christian Owen
Clint Fox
Eli (junior)
Jason Nichols
Jasper (junior)
John Roberts
Lee Walbash
Tommy Saxx
Chaney - Non-sexual role

Join sexy teens Christian Owen and Lee Walbash with seven of their hot young friends as they encounter steamy sex in the great outdoors and discover CALIFORNIA GOLD.

These nine super-hot, super-sexy studs, in seven scorching scenes, discover what it takes to become a "native" Californian. Playful and loving with youthful innocence, they explore each other's wholesome bodies with a wonder to match the lush mountain scenery around them.

Smooth and defined, these boys bring the seething intimacy of their sexual play into the golden light of natural lust.
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