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Cut to the Chase (2014) Titan 720p scenes
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3 scenes, 720p highest quality, Titan logo

director Joe Gage

Anthony London
Dario Beck
Dirk Caber
Dolan Wolf
J.D. Phoenix
Jed Athens
Mike Tanner

Two strangers submit to urges. A clash of cultures heats up. An after-school session crosses the line. See what happens when you Cut to the Chase in the latest Joe Gage chronicle led by TitanMen models.
Arriving early for a garage sale, Dario gets a special offer—Jed's wet mouth on his thick cock. Dario sucks the smoothie back, then rides up and down his steel shaft. Redneck Mike wins the lottery—and a meeting with realtor Anthony, who wants his hillbilly hard-on. After swapping sucks, Mike buries his dick in the bottom’s high-class hole. J.D. stays after class to get help studying, but instead gets the cocks of teachers Dolan and Dirk up his holes—with Dolan also taking Dirk’s dick like a man.

1 Cut to the Chase - Dario Beck, Jed Athens 720p.mp4

2 Cut to the Chase - Anthony London, Mike Tanner 720p.mp4

3 Cut to the Chase - Dirk Caber, J.D. Phoenix, Dolan Wolfe.mp4
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