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Drilling Daddy 3 - Older4Me Dvd
1. Two Daddies and Their First Fuck  

Ivan and Rocky Bear are long-time friends and meet for a drink after Ivan returns from a long trip abroad. They have never done anything physical but there has always been a spark of interest. They chat as they stroll along the waterfront and eventually start becoming more and more intimate, talking about their fantasies

2. Screwed with My Policy  

Donato, an insurance agent, comes to sell to Turhan a life insurance policy, he maintains that the new product is the best in the market. Turhan seems only interested in plugging the agent hairy ass with his big dick, but finally accepts the offer, thinking that by being a client he can have more chances.

3. Big Cock for Daddy  

Rupert has been checking an escort site for weeks, fantasizing with Maximo and his big Dick. He thought of every position he‘d do with him, he thought of how he'd enjoy being on the receiving end of such a powerful tool. He finally makes the call, Maximo is a real macho man of a few words: “if you want it come get it” he said.

4. Aslan Picks Luiggi for His First Time  

One of the hottest daddies on the net is back! That’s is right . Luiggi was dating a Prince in the middle east for over a year. He was paid very well for his services so he had told us “I am done, no more movies for me”. We knew he was in town so we tempted him with an offer he could not refuse.
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