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American Top - Doble Moral
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After reliving fond and warm moments with "The Best of Dario Marxxx" Vol 1-DVD with scenes from his films collection-comes the most anticipated new production of American Top. It stars Felix Cohn, that all we wanted to see after that amazing and promising final orgy of "Vampires in Buenos Aires" and Gerardo Bartok (another revelation) as co-star.
"Double Standards" is the title of the eighth film of Dario Marxxx (the most extensive of his films with 5 scenes volcanic) that includes several new boys: among them Diego Santos, who after being heated to half the planet in international productions decided to film in Argentina to American Top.
In the first scene we see Felix that meets Gerardo in the bathroom of a subway, is Yiran (as in life itself ...) and Gerardo tries to go beyond (a touch and go, why not?). But our timid Felix is ​​nervous, not encouraged and runs scared. After heat evil and fart with Felix, Gary Alan decides to call Pendex Efron-cute-a "friend" of those that is always available for these occasions and who knows how to get us our surplus milk. So, without prior and no dialogue, direct to the steaks as usual when you are overheating, Gary, Alan and a flower tumbled.
The next day, Felix began his classes in a religious seminary in search of spiritual peace, which, obviously, will not find. When you enter the classroom, gets a big surprise at seeing Gerardo there. Felix becomes uncomfortable with the loud and insistent eyes during Gerardo all the talk given by the teacher. Teacher certainly deserves a separate paragraph: Leandro Braston, Machazo back tattooed with a hellish. The teacher organizes them into groups of two and sends them to preach in the streets. As it was logical to imagine, Felix the lot of Gerardo companion. Felix does not want to talk about the meeting they had in the bathroom of the subway, and avoids any discussion about homosexuality, Gerardo, however, is well understood and quiet with that topic.
Young preachers divide to go better buildings. Felix, after hitting some doors in vain, makes the top floor of an open and can see through it, two guys transacting and touching: Fox-Brazilian Bahia very quente-and Guido Cavas. Guido is sucking at the Bahia and Felix, although he knows that's wrong, can not stop looking, likes and is attracted to the situation. So intent is to not realize that the ladder is going up a skinny (Salvador Caravan, cute chonguito) pushing it in, interrupting others. Salvador realizes that Felix wants to participate and forces him to suck it ... So begins a scene of 4 very well made. After the excellent hard cock who hit Felix, he flees in terror and misadventure.
Meanwhile another building goes Gerardo visiting people. Javier is so Scilla who is in the pool of your loft doing gymnastics. Word goes hand comes, preaching garchándoselo ends with Gerardo Javier.
Felix, tormented by the fact, try to avoid relapse and escapes when she discovers in her journey Diego Santos and Rafael Living in a very hot scene of sucking and straws.
The next day seminarians stop talking. Felix tells his story, which is seeking peace and quiet, Gerardo complains that repress their desires and not live his sexuality properly. He says he's not wrong to preach and take at the same time, what we do is wrong to lie, live a double life as surely as does the teacher. Upon hearing that comment Leandro Felix imagines, and that it is heated ratonea wrong. Then, after a class, ask to speak to him and tells him what happens. The teacher gets angry and tells him to return to the track. What will Felix? The end is the best and so do not tell, imagine and dare to look at ...

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