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Man's Best - Mega Boys - Sexy Job & Massage Boys PAL DVD5
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Mans Best - Mega Boys - Sexy Job & Massage Boys PAL DVD5

My rip from the PAL DVD5....Nothing altered

Sexy Job

Peter Azur, everybody's favorite flop-topped teen is featured in this archive short from Man's Best. Peter is the boss of a small company. He's working on the computer in his nice office, but is mega-bored and briefly scans through a porn magazine. He makes a call to an underling and then whips out his thick, long cock. The cute 18-year-old intern arrives. Peter asks him a few questions and tells him he needs help with a really “Hard” project and that there is possible advancement in the company if he can handle it. The lad accepts the assignment, but is shocked to see his boss' rock-hard boner exposed when he comes around the desk. The intern is a trooper, drops to his knees and dutifully delivers an awesome blowjob to Peter, the volcanic cum shot coating his face. He then licks the cum off his cock. Peter falls back into his chair, quite spent. The young intern has had his taste of power and feels his own cock tingling. He whips it out and jacks it to hard. Peter is still horny and chows down on the teen's prize. He sucks that cock and gropes his perfect hairless buns. The intern stands him up, turns him around and drives his cock, condom free, deep into his boss' ass. Peter loves every second of the anal bombardment. The intern pulls out to show us his orgasm, but then shoves his cock back into Peter for some post-orgasm enjoyment. Peter spins around and goes back down on the intern's cock. The intern grabs a handy dildo and probes Peter a bit more before getting dressed to leave. Some sweet deep kissing occurs before the intern leaves. Peter is still hard and awaits another intern to arrive....... but you'll have to buy the video to know about the incredible second scene.

Massage Boys

Massage Boys is yet another Classic Mega Boys video from the Archives of Man's Best. It opens with that ever-so-perfect, boy-next-door, Oliver Krist as a young masseuse. He's kneading the naked body of one of his youthful clients, paying particular attention to his ass. The next customer, Timmy Tucker, is waiting on the couch, browsing a magazine. Oliver puts lotion on his customer and pulls his own cock out of his thin salon garment. Timmy gently masturbates while looking at the skin mag. The customer rolls over and starts to massage Oliver's cock as Oliver does the same for him. Oliver goes the next step and hungrily swallows the lad's dick. Before long he is hard and Oliver is also completely naked. They make out passionately on the table as the ripped Timmy really gets into his solo. Timmy rapidly pulls his pud, fingers his hole and lets a volcano of sperm erupt all over his 6-pack abs. Awesome orgasm! Oliver is now totally on top of the customer on the table, but not for long. He assumes the position and gets a deep and thorough Condom-free ass pounding. The patron pulls out to explode on Oliver's ass and back. They make out passionately and then the ever-horny Timmy Tucker straddles Oliver's chest to pound out another load on Oliver's chest and face. Oliver licks and sucks Tim's prong, post orgasm. Timmy starts to suck Oliver's cock, but the scene shifts to 3 new teens masturbating on a couch. They each have big teen cocks and each one strokes out a big nut for the camera. One teen, the guy with a monster-dick, actually manages to get off his big uncut dick twice in the course of only a few minutes!

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