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Bijou Video -Golden Years (1982) DVD5
vintageclassicbarebackpre-condomtwinksanaloral sex
My rip from the retail DVD, nothing altered

Toby considered this part of his burnout period.
Set in Columbus, OH in 1987, or Cincinnati, OH in 1988 (depending on the various confusing subtitles) after an earthquake has sent California into the ocean, four men (two young and two older) gather to watch 1970s gay porno films found in a time capsule. The loops that follow appear to be loops by Toby Ross and colleagues for Team/Coast.
The explanatory scene set in the future doesn’t appear until after the first scene with Kevin Gladstone. The subtitles describing the setting in the future flash one after the other, so apparently they couldn’t decide what year (1987/198image or where the future setting (Columbus/Cincinnati) was.

Scott Miller, a skinny shaggy man with a cock bigger than he is, stars in Golden Years, a Toby Ross film about the good times and good sex of men in the prime of their lives. They share tender, loving sex and huge cocks while discovering and exploring their masculinity. Scott paints his body and dances on a table naked for his beer drinking buddies. They kiss and play with their equipment until cumming all over one another. They jack off together as friends and make love as so much more. Another segment features two shaggy youths, one with a nice lithe body, engaging in a quick fuck. Scott performs a solo, laughing at the camera and climaxing. Another duo features two men meeting on the street and then going home to fuck. They suck dick, get naked, pet, rim asshole, and plow butthole. The film ends with a man at home by his fireplace conjuring up a friend in a silver visor. They have sex on a spiral staircase, later 69ing on a shag rug and fucking. Their sex ends with large orgasms and playing with the jism together. An excellent early vintage gay porn film and ode to man and manhood! Cast: Scott Miller, Others
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