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ChaosMen- Solomon Aspen Collection Pack (Full 1080p)
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The complete Solomon Aspen pack which includes all his Bareback videos apart from the already posted videos.

This pack also contains his solo and a oral video too.

Details of this Pack video's are:

01. CM0919 Solomon Aspen Solo
Release date: September 19, 2011. Running Time: 20.03

Video Number: 919

Did you grow up with a cocky jock who you secretly envied. Maybe he was a nice guy to you, but you figured he was super straight, and you would never stand a chance with him. Kind of full-of-himself, but not in too annoying of a way.

Perhaps he was so proud of his body that he would parade around the locker room nude, whipping his junk around?

What is great about Solomon is the  he IS that dude. He is  nearly perfect. His body is amazing, and the only flaws I can find are some road rash from cycling, and few scratch marks on his back from some females drawing some blood.

And he likes it ROUGH.

That's right, if you have ever wanted to trade blows with a smug hot straight guy, Solomon is here to make that fantasy come true.

He loves pain. Getting punched, scratched, whipped.

In fact, I think he is a REALLY NICE guy, but will back talk or goad you until you take a swing at him. He will sit there and gladly let you pound on him.  Getting a boner the entire time. You just try to wipe that smug smile of his face. He dares you!

His solo is intense too. He is often looking at the video playing for him, but he finally takes an interest in the audience, then his own body.

The best part is when he discovered he could slide his cock head into his own ass. I think that was a first for him, as well as

The fact that he was fucking himself with his own cock made his dick almost too hard to do the backward bend he was doing to push it in.

Ironically he hasn't played with his ass, and that internal pain is something he hasn't explored. He seems ironically leery of it considering how much he is into pain.

I think I can get him to at least top, based on what he did the next day...

Stay tuned next week for a vicious little Edge video!

Don't you wanna hear him scream, "Pineapple!"?

02. CM0938 Micah & Solomon Aspen RAW
Release date: November 4, 2011. Running Time: 22.27 Mins

Video Number: 938

As aggressive/passive as Solomon can be, it was tough trying to figure out what his first full-interaction with a dude would be.

I know I didn't have any guys on my team that wanted to get in a smack down in the middle of a sex shoot.   Micah thought he could be domineering, and Solomon wasn't too sure he could stay hard enough to Top, so he opted to Bottom first time out.

Besides, a little (or a lot!) of pain doesn't seem to be a problem for him. Though he stated clearly that this was a whole new sort of pain he was expecting and was very nervous.

I started them off doing some jerking-off together. Solomon comes to attention first, meanwhile, I think Micah has gotten a bit more Bi after doing so much guy-on-guy that he needs some physical contact with a dude to get hard. YEAH!

So he starts sucking on Solomon, and that did the trick for both of them.

I also wanted to get Solomon used to handling another dude's dick. He wasn't ready to suck on one, so I encouraged him to do some cock play or jousting together.

He is very intense about it. The dude looks strong!

We get to the fucking and Solomon took his first cock like a trooper.  Clearly he is hurting, but for him, it seems to be a good thing.

I tried to get him to jerk-off as much as possible so he could add pleasure to his pain, but for the first couple shoots, most of the guys tend to just "take it" rather than focus even on their own cock.

They finally hit a pace and though Solomon looks angry through most of this shoot, he was really proud that he handled Micah's cock.

He was also worried that the other guy would have a bigger cock than him (I didn't tell him the next guy I was putting him with might make him feel a bit small!)

Micah nuts all over his hole, while Solomon, like a pro, encourages him to unload.

But getting Solomon to nut is going to be an issue. He seems to be used to having girls  ride him, and he tends to lay on his back when he nuts. He also does that leg lock thing to get him over the top.

So I gave him homework to practice nutting upright and be more "interactive." Because he came back later that week for another ass drilling, I know for sure his next shoot he did a bit better.

These two look great together, and though Solomon is hating having chest hair, he grew it out for you all. So I hope you enjoy!

03. CM0941 Heath & Solomon Aspen RAW
Release date: December 16, 2011. Running Time: 22.41 Mins

Video Number: 941

This is Solomon's second attempt at taking it up the bootie and he did soooo much better!

It is a tough call with him because he loves pain, so you never know if what he is feeling is a good pain or a bad pain. Or maybe they are the same for him?

The biggest hurdle was trying to get a cock in his mouth. I leave in a bit of him contemplating the act and him sighing just before doing it.  We cheated and used some flavored lube to make things

He certainly looks unhappy about it to start with, but after a while, his brain gave up on thinking it was horrible, and he just went back to angry mode.  Solomon just has angry sex, that is all there is to it. But for sure, he was not digging sucking dick at the beginning, then he got his mind wrapped around it.

So I think we conquered this limit and hopefully we wont have to resort to flavored lube again. It tastes ok, but it stinks and it is sticky. Yuck.

Frankly, I think Solomon would be fine with sucking dick if someone was MAKING him suck the dick. Maybe punching him until his mouth opens. The kid graduated from S&M boot camp!

Heath returns the oral, and it just amazes me that Solomon can go from "distant" to "in the moment" so quickly. He really likes having his dick sucked!

We got to use..well, destroy, a new piece of furniture. A chaise lounge I thought would be great for squatting on a dick. I knew I needed a guy with killer quads to handle it, and Solomon actually found it easy despite him not being very tall and having a wide stance.  But I think he liked monitoring the depth and really got off to showcasing.

Then when it came time to getting fucked doggy style, WOW! Heath, though never going balls deep, just kept fucking and fucking him! Solomon hasn't done many scenes, and he was just astounded that Heath's cock stays up until he nuts.  There was just no mercy and no relief for his ass this entire shoot!

We worked hard on trying to get Solomon to nut more naturally. He is still doing the leg lock thing so gonna see about him standing and possibly Topping someone during his next shoot.

Heath, as usual delivers a perfect nut shot, and creams Solomon's hole with a copious coating of jizz!

04. CM0990 Clyde & Solomon Aspen RAW
Release date: February 17, 2012. Running Time: 23.06 Mins

Video Number: 990

Clyde is like most first-timers. They just want to Top, and they don't want to suck dick.  Baby steps.

Clyde wasn't very confident going into this. As I mentioned before, he is used to fucking girls or getting blown by girls till he cums. He is unbelievably bad at jerking his own cock. (How is this possible?!) But I knew that once Solomon got a dick in his ass, and after the initial penetration, he could take a beating and Clyde could just fuck him until he cums.

Well, Clyde gives him a pounding that's for sure. He is not graceful or smooth when he fucks. I think "jack-hammer" would be good adjective for his technique. Poor Solomon. He really just kind of "takes it" for the first portion of the video- face buried into the mattress. The dude loves to give and receive pain, but as far as anal play goes, he is still pretty..ummm..uptight.

Solomon HAS come a long way in a short while. He can now suck dick without flavored lube (yep, trade secret!) and actually really set his mind to getting Clyde's cock hard. Took him a bit, and he looks very intense (when does he not?) but he seems to have had an epiphany when it comes to sucking dick. He took charge.

I think it helped that he thought Clyde was in fantastic shape and though I don't think he would admit it, thought that Clyde was hot.  He also liked that after only a few videos, he was taking a newbie through his paces. Maybe a little proud that only a few short videos ago, he was the one unwilling to suck dick.

Just like Solomon's first video, I try to get the other model, Clyde, to at least reach out and jerk-off the other dude. Baby strok...steps.

When it came to the fucking though, Clyde stays amazingly hard.  It may be hard to tell, but I don't think Clyde's dick goes limp once. A couple angles it looks like Solomon is riding a soft cock, but if you pay attention, Clyde will pull out just enough and the dude is buried balls deep inside of Solomon. I need to teach Solomon to take longer strokes, but he was bouncing up and down on Clyde's dick like it was an exercise ball.

We get Solomon on his back and he is writhing around in pain/ecstasy.  You can hear him whimper on occasion. Does he like it? Does he hate it? I can't tell because he is such a sadomasochist.

I'm down on the ground filming the undershot, and Solomon is tossing and biting pillows. I had no idea!  He eventually starts stroking his cock and I scramble to catch his cumshot.  I have to admit, he usually struggles to nut, but this time it was easy.

Meanwhile Clyde is telling me that he can cum too if he can just fuck Solomon a few seconds longer. Solomon was about to say, "No!" but Clyde was "There."

I'm get back down on the ground to catch it, but the dude, totally unloads inside of Solomon. Just like I thought he would.  Something the audience has been asking for over and over. I usually avoid this, cuz some cry "Fake" but mostly, you just never know what is going to spill out besides cum...ruining a good breeding shot. Thankfully, only a slightly discolored cum oozes out.

Solomon is so pleased to have unloaded easily AND Clyde came quickly that he is just completely wiped out while trying to push out the cum for us.  I don't think I have video ending quite like this.

I kind of left me getting up from underneath so I could catch it all, but I think it adds to it, despite it being very amateur.

I even talk a bit to the two of them as Solomon lays in a pile of his own jizz while cum oozes out of his hole.

I think it is a perfect ending for a perfect ending!

05.CM1018 Solomon Aspen & Troy RAW
Release date: May 18, 2012. Running Time: 24.14 Mins

Video Number: 1018

I think I figured out the key to getting Solomon into Topping. It requires two things. One he has to actually like the dude and I dunno, respect his build, and the other thing is if the guy actually is really into being fucked. He did really good with Vander who can really take it.

Solomon and Troy had chemistry for sure. Troy starts off by blowing Solomon, which always seems to get him going.  Solomon returns the favor, and Troy fully gets aroused when Solomon starts fingering his hole.

And I love that Troy loves to rim. It kept Solomon eager to suck cock and clearly Troy enjoys it. The two really go at it orally!

Troy is all about ass play, something he doesn't get from his girlfriend?  He mounts Solomon and slowly works his cock inside.  Takes him a few seconds to adjust, but then he is grinding around on it like a pro.  I think what I like best about watching him during this whole video- his cock is standing at attention when he is penetrated.  Clearly he enjoys bottoming!

Like I said, Solomon is on top of his game and fucks the cum out of him.  He takes his time teasing Troy with his cock. He then nuts on his hole, juicing him with a white creamy load!

06. CM1040 Chaz Riley & Solomon Aspen RAW
Release date: June 29, 2012. Running Time: 27.00 Mins

Video Number: 1040

Clearly both Chaz and Solomon have amazing bodies, so I thought I would do a little body worship on the massage table with them. Chaz is definitely more experienced and easily took the lead by giving a very sensual massage to Solomon... right down to his prostate!

Solomon is looking extra furry, and one of my favorite moments is when Chaz climbs up on top of Solomon and they joust with their dicks.  Two hot bodies with cocks rubbing! I love seeing Chaz's cock wake-up just from rubbing his uncut dick against Solomon's.

We knew Solomon was going to be bottoming, and we have learned that if we keep a butt plug in Solomon, he can stay stretched out and take a pretty good pounding.  He pretty much does most of his bottoming scenes all "plugged-up" between 'takes'.

Once plugged, Chaz gets a very good blow job from Solomon. Solomon couldn't quite contain his need to give/receive pain, and put some crazy scratches all up and down Chaz's body.  Chaz didn't yell, "Pineapple" so I guess he was into it!

It did put Chaz in the mind for revenge, and I think after the scratching incident he was not going to show Solomon any mercy when it came to fucking him. The dude has got some skills!

Solomon loves/hates the pain of being fucked. He seems to like to be rough and then be roughed up, going back-and-forth from submissive to dominant in a matter of seconds.

Chaz gives Solomon's  hole a major workout then he dumps his load inside, fingering all the jizz to soften the blow.

Once again, we are faced with Solomon's extreme body tensing cumshot. Every muscle is locked in its maxed-out state.  I don't know how he nuts with girls? But it works for him.

Anyway, a very hot pairing with two beautiful dudes!

07. CM1048 Booker & Solomon Aspen RAW
Release date: August 17, 2012. Running Time: 27.28 Mins

Video Number: 1048

I certainly wanted to put these two muscle dudes together!

Both guys are versatile, so I knew I would have some flip-flop action.  Solomon's dick was in working order (no accidental bending/bruising) and he Tops Booker like a pro.

Even Booker, who does prefer to bottom, was on Top of his Game!  Both of them have a little bisexual attitude growing in them, and I think the mutual muscle admiration was keeping them charged up rather than the pussy flick playing for them.

Solomon still looks like he's in pain through most of it, but like I keep saying, that is a GOOD thing for him! Whereas Booker likes a gentle approach that makes him nut.

The only snafu we ran into was we discovered Booker can't cum while standing. We were all setup for him to Juice Solomon, and we tried and tried and tried, but alas, Booker needed the cum fucked out of him!  So we did a quick change about and sure enough he was busting BIG TIME. Booker even shot himself in the face.

I think we also got Solomon better at ramping-up, and he added his own load to the one already on Booker's face. Nice facial action and Booker even kept his mouth open for it.

Lots of progress for these "amateur" guys and I think everyone will be genuinely happy with their performance!

08. CM1085 Delaney, Solomon Aspen & Teo TagTeam RAW
Release date: September 21, 2012. Running Time: 22.35 Mins

Video Number: 1085

Delaney has a tough schedule to work around. He has college and soccer that have him traveling around most of the time.  I really only had a couple months window to get him in for scenes. Hopefully I can get him in over the Holidays as well.

He sure wants to come in a do porn, but the guy is seriously over-committed!
Delaney liked the idea of working with two guys and after his first time with Glenn, he thought maybe it might be a good idea to do a TagTeam video. That way if he was having problems bottoming, someone else could bend over for a while. But he really wants to bottom!

I thought for sure he might struggle with Solomon's long cock, but he bought himself a few toys and has been doing homework.  Both Teo and Solomon prepped to bottom, but once Delaney had his cherry popped he was eager to be the bottom boy the entire video. We kept to his favorite position, and I suspect in the future he will be able to try some different positions.

The guys start the scene by taking turns blowing Solomon. He always seems at peace and happy laying there getting his dick serviced. Even having someone shove a cock in his mouth while getting sucked makes him happy.

Delaney also seems in bliss when he has a cock in his mouth, and even more happy with TWO cocks in his mouth.

Delaney's cock is barometer for how turned-on he is. His cock only seems to get hard until someone is fucking him.  He doesn't even have to stroke himself.  We get some fun angles as Teo mouth fucks Delaney while Solomon gets him from behind.

And for a pint-size guy, Delaney seems to cum a quart or two!

Both Solomon and Teo breed Delaney, who left the scene with semen oozing from ass!

09. CM1070 Solomon Aspen & Tatum Parks Bossy
Release date: October 12, 2012. Running Time: 25.16

Video Number: 1070

I thought Solomon and Tatum would be perfect for a Bossy video. Solomon is versatile when it comes to being Bossy. He likes both the active and passive roles.

Tatum said he generally like the girl to take control, and although he wanted to Top his first time out, I wanted someone who could take control of him, and make him do all kinds of naughty things.

They both smile a bit as they get into Solomon making Tatum strip and then stroke for him.  They both quickly get into it, with Solomon making Tatum suck on his hard cock.

Solomon then has a lot of fun pushing a butt plug up Tatum's ass, then going through all the vibrating cycles.  He then sucks Tatum's cock, making him hard and totally in bliss as his ass and cock get the royal treatment.

Next, Solomon  gets up on the chair and makes Tatum clean his ass and then crawl under to suck his cock. Totally Bossy!

They swap places at the bed where Tatum takes Solomon's cock with total pleasure. The dude may have wanted to start-off by Topping, but his cock and brain sure liked getting fucked!

Tatum even knew he would be able to cum from being fucked, so Solomon drills him until cum starts oozing out his hole.

Solomon then shoots and breeds Tatum, ending with a rather sweet kiss!

10. CM1117 Kelton & Solomon Aspen GhOle Oral
Release date: November 24, 2012. Running Time: 17.02 Mins

Video Number: 1117

I love it when I get a glory hole video that just seems to come together nicely with great sexual energy.

Kelton was super eager to work with Solomon, and Solomon loved the bathroom setting.

Clearly these two guys got into each other and the moment. One of those movies that pretty much shot itself. Lots of hard dicks and intense oral. Hungry guys!

Solomon has been working on pushing his limits and I think this is the first video where he ate same ass. He goes at it with gusto too. No tentative tongue action!

Of course the ending is the best with the double facial. Not much cum eating, but some awesome cummy kissing!

Definitely one of the best G:hOle videos on the site!

11. CM1128 Haigan & Solomon Aspen Bossy
Release date: December 31, 2012. Running Time: 28.20 Mins

Video Number: 1128

Solomon has been with me over a year now and he has two favorite things he has done on set. First, he loved his scene with Vander. He has been out right telling me he wants a re-match, this time with Vander fucking him instead. It could happen, but I think his eyes are bigger than his hole.

The other scene he loved was the fantasy elements in his Edge video. The dude really likes to be dominated with a lot of ouchy pain involved.

I have pretty much put Haigan in charge of the Bossy videos, and since he is naturally aggressive and dominant, it has been an awesome fit for him. Solomon has been pushing to amp up the bondage and discipline stuff and expressed very few limits, so I knew I had an amazing match set up.

I like the Bossy theme because it isn't too far into the S&M Fetish- kind of bondage with training wheels.  But I knew I needed something special for Solomon to be excited about, and this little bondage/shackle thing I had seen online would be perfect for him.

I sent him some pics of the new "furniture" and he was over the top excited. Heck once he was actually in the room with it, then knelt to get in it, his cock got bone hard!

Haigan is straight, but I don't think he cares who he abuses and makes take his cock. I think he might get-off more knowing it is a dude he is fucking and then making him clean his cock.

Solomon also requested I get some candles, and he was thrilled to see how I had attached it to the cage. I am not a big fan of wax but Solomon was in pure ecstasy with it dripping all over him.

There are few over-the-top moments but it is safe to say that Solomon was having brain orgasms through-out the entire video.  I am not going to go into much more detail, but if you don't like sex rough, you might want to skip this video.

It is definitely a bit different for the site but I think since it isn't "too" fetishy most viewer will really enjoy this Bossy video!

12. CM1161 Shea & Solomon Aspen RAW
Release date: March 8, 2013. Running Time: 19.01 Mins

Video Number: 1161

Shea is still working through his abilities and skills to play around with another dude. He has got cock sucking down pretty solid, in fact he looks downright eager to suck on Solomon's dick.

Solomon was equally eager to try sucking on Shea's big cock but I think he was relieved that he wasn't going to be sitting on it. He likes his pain, but once he got Shea's cock engorged, he was glad he was going to top Shea.

Shea wasn't too sure about bottoming, but Solomon rimmed him, getting him wet and in the mindset to get fucked.  You can tell it is his first time getting fucked. Definitely having a few "ouchie" moments as Solomon slides his cock in.

Both guys like to fuck aggressively, but I think Shea was hoping for a gentle fuck his first time out. Solomon kept saying he was being gentle, but after editing this video, he is clearly dishing out an mean fuck.

Neither guy thought they could nut while fucking or being fucked, so I let Solomon rub one out while Shea jacked his ginormous cock in his face. He cums then Shea jerks off, adding his load to Solomon's hairy chest.

Solomon sucks out the last remaining drops, enjoying Shea's fat, spent cock in his mouth.

13. CM1214 Solomon Aspen & Theon 'Pure'
Release date: June 21, 2013. Running Time: 23.17 Mins

Video Number: 1214

A little history about Pure videos.

Over the last year or so, the guys have been watching a straight video with a similar theme.  I really liked the idea of the room dropping away so that the focus was only on them. No, the next step isn't green screening them and floating them in space, but the room adds a sense of elegance, while the oil on their hot bodies adds a little zing to it.

In the past I have dabbled here and there with some hardcore fetish themes, so this one I am hoping would be a little bit more romantic or erotic.

I thought the guys might feel weird about it, but the body worship part seems to have worked out, and if anything, the chemistry and energy seems ramped-up. These two guys both are into building their bodies and definitely got-off to rubbing oil all over each other's muscles.

As for this video, there are a few other "firsts". I know many viewers are dubious of 'first time' anecdotes, but Solomon and Theon both forged ahead.

Theon was ready to Top full-time time while Solomon had a little surprise for himself, and me as well.  At first I thought Theon was struggling to stay hard by fucking Solomon so tightly. But it turns out that is how he fucks girls. I need to teach him how to showcase his penetration shots!

Turns out this is just what Solomon needed to bust. Being fucked HARD! If you have followed his antics, you know he usually jerks his cock fast and furiously, with legs outstretched and flexed, making it nearly impossible to fuck the cum out of him.

Theon is fucking him on his back, when Solomon has an epiphany that he can actually cum from being fucked.  Despite only being part way through the shoot, he just ran with it while it was happening.  I wasn't exactly setup  to catch it perfectly, but not too bad.

He was  proud of himself and blown-away by how good it felt. It did leave Theon hanging. As reward/punishment, Solomon opted to do his first open mouth facial. He wasn't going to be a baby about it either, so he had his mouth wide open. Theon's first squirt goes wild, but the rest shoots and dribble right into Solomon's mouth.

And a little bit of cum kissing to top of the chick feeding ending.

14. CM1271 Bentley & Solomon Aspen 'Pure'
Release date: October 4, 2013. Running Time: 28.13 Mins

Video Number: 1271

Bentley had the Summer off from school, but had a Summer job as well, but I got him in for a couple videos.  After learning Solomon could handle Vander's big cock, I really wanted to have Bentley stick it to him!

I had noticed that Bentley had been throwing a lot of real sexual energy, and figured I could tap that for a Pure video.  He really does bring his A game to this shoot.

I think a good amount of credit has to go Solomon who also tossed a ton of sensual energy at Bentley. At one point, after having his ass eaten, I swear Bentley was going to let Solomon fuck him.  They switch gears back to Bentley being a Top guy, but it sure put in my mind that we might actually see Bentley take a cock. (And his answer is still "No" to bottoming.)

For now, though, Bentley gives Solomon a major ass fucking, to the Solomon's delight!

15. CM1323 Kellan Chestnut & Solomon Aspen 'Pure'
Release date: November 29, 2013. Running Time: 28.21 Mins

Video Number: 1323

Sexy and Sensual sums up this video!

Solomon really turned-up the heat on Kellan, who really responded to the body oil and muscle worship!

AND I got Kellan to not only kiss a guy, but suck dick!  I think we got past most of his limits. He seemed dead set against it, but after meeting Solomon, he shrugged and said, "Why not?"  Hmmmmmm.

The one limit left standing is him bottoming. Not sure that is gonna happen despite Solomon doing another amazing job  rimming and fingering Kellan's hole.  Just like he did with Bentley! I love it when he sneaks his finger in. Kellan was not expecting that!

I can't be alone in thinking that any dude who shaves his hole like he does, is waiting to go bottoms up!   It is practically an invitation!

While I may not be able to convince Kellan to put his ankles to his ears, it is time to get Solomon back on top. He is such an aggressive little fucker!

Hope you guys enjoy this one. They sure are pretty to look at...and stroke to!

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