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Bijou Video- Two Handfuls 1 (1986) (Full 720p)
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Released: 1986
Studio: Bijou Video/John Summers Productions

Running Time: 1 hour 26 Mins & 55 Seconds

Poor Brian Maxon is horny and his girlfriend won't put out. Brian begins his morning routine of beating off in bed--on all fours, and slapping his cheeks a few times. Still perpetually horny, Brian begins to notice how appealing the pool boy's ass looks. He invites the guy into his home and inserts his hard cock down his throat while verbally abusing him, too. Brian is in complete control of the man, and their sex-play includes licking, sucking, and much more...

The considerable talents of John Summers, John Travis and Matt Sterling are combined to bring several stories to life from the pages of the FIRST HAND Digests, as a showcase for the then up-and-always-coming Brian Maxon.

The hot morning jack-off/self-spanking that Maxon indulges in gets things off to a rousing start. A fetching, dark-haired young lad by the pool reading FH is our guide, as he exercises, showers and moves through the house, reading the book as the stories open up both for him and us.

Story One finds Maxon stranded with blue balls, after his girlfriend (Melissa Melendez in a quick cameo), declares she's "not that kind of girl," in response to his ill-timed foreplay attempt. Young Tom Littlewolf, dribbling his basketball nearby as he witnesses the brush-off, happens to be that kind of guy, and Brian knows it.

One beer later, the kid's chowing down on his schlong like he was born to it, and creme missiles soon fly. But Brian, being the horny bastard that he is, isn't satisfied yet, and after a quick shower, zeros in on his next target, the "innocent" poolboy. Out comes the beer, and a blistering (and condomless) fuck has the poolboy waving goodbye to his cherry faster than you can say "Was it good for you?"

Story Two finds college buds Kevin Wiles (billed here as Gary Hurt) and Mike (Michael) Henson in his stand-out debut, meeting horny john Steve Wright at the local porn theater, where more is definitely popping than just corn. Kevin shows his buddy how to earn some extra cash, and lucky Wright gets his money's worth as they rim, fuck and suck up and down the aisles!

Story Three takes us to the arcade of an adult bookstore, being discovered for the first time by a cowboy who may be inexperienced, but his body and dick more than make up for it. Michael Gere certainly doesn't mind, and once he's got the bronc-buster's attention, the rodeo really commences, in a roundelay of athletic sucking and fucking that has our prairie pounder declaring "YEE-HAWWW!" before blowing an impressive load all over Gere's most appreciative ass.

Story Four is actually less a complete story than a melange of jock conquests, a beautifully photographed series of toned bodies, taut asses and tempting tools, (but no faces, well, you can't win em all), punctuated by a nice, juicy cumshot every now and again. A little research has revealed that the uncredited jock exhibitionists featured in this montage include Doug Jensen, Ron Taylor, Shane Michaels, Clint Parker, Matt Ramsey, (now the "straight" Peter North) and David Edwards, in that order.

The final story delivers the goods we've been waiting for: the hot, horny, torrid and tender pairing of Maxon and Henson. The sight of these two writhing together as they wriggle out of their Calvins and Maxon slips into something more comfortable (like Henson's pliable ass), should bring the most jaded viewer to a gushing and exhaustively satisfying conclusion.

Starring Brian Maxon, Mike Henson, Matt Ramsey, Doug Jenson, Clint Parker, Shane Michaels, Gary Hurt (Kevin Wiles), Steve Wright, Jerry Dunne, David Edwards, Tom Littlewolf, Michael Gere, Carl Walters, Bill Bix, Ron Taylor and Mike Stefano.

A Pre-Condom Classic Directed by John Summers, Matt Sterling & John Travis.
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