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Active Duty - Rear Gunners 2
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From the Active Duty web site:  A Note From Dink…

Hey Troops…Thomas has become all the rage here at Active Duty lately with his eagerness to perform for the camera and please us all. He's quite the package so I thought it would be nice to bring him together with some old favorites for his first video. He's truly a star and fits right in with his partners in crime in Rear Gunners 2. This is also Shane's first video in over a year and a half and we're glad to see him back on the scene. Chaz and Cole compliment the line-up with their boyish banter and an obvious liking for each other. All the chemistry is here between these four as Thomas is trained long and hard to be a Rear Gunner and passes with flying cum...I mean, colors. The second scene features Thomas taking on our little toy soldier Damien who is always eager to be dominated and used by a huge cock. I let Thomas watch some of MIA: Men In Action 3 with Cliff tearing Damien's ass apart and Thomas decides he wants a shot. Damien is more than ready and takes Thomas' huge gun with no problems.

Shane, Thomas, Chaz and Cole Work Their Muscles In The Garage…
It all starts out with a little working out and manly banter back and forth between the boys out in the garage gym. Thomas is asking about a woman and I assure him she's on the way. Cole laughs and says "yeah she just called" but the only pussy he's fucking today is boypussy. They take turns on the dumbells first Shane, then Thomas, then Cole and while Cole does his dumbell pulls Thomas is already playing with his cock in the mirror. Chaz is the last to do is dumbell lifts as Cole, Shane and Thomas get on with other matters behind him as they watch, playing with their already hard cocks. They start picking on Chaz about his tight white shorts and questioning where he got 'em. "They're my mom's" Chaz tells them. Shane says "I dunno, but they're kinda gay." Cole is razzin' Chaz about his workout as Thomas locks his eyes on Cole's cock. Shane starts slapping his cock on Chaz' ass while Cole starts feeding him his cock as he remains in 'push-up" position. Thomas comes out of his shorts to reveal a hot jockstrap as Chaz moves around the circle of cocks trying them all on for size. Chaz is showing off his skills as he sucks one cock and jerks two others in his hands. He's not missing a beat as he makes his rounds.

Thomas Takes The Bench And The Fun Continues…
The weight bench that is. Thomas sits down on the weight bench and his workout partners gather 'round to give him his first taste of cock. Shane begins the feeding from the right as Cole positions himself on the left. Chaz finds his spot between Thomas' legs with his head bobbing nicely on his cock. Thomas is making love to Shane's uncut wonder and doing a mighty fine job of it as he licks and sucks the foreskin then moving over to Cole's huge cock to swing on that for awhile. Chaz is working Thomas' cock like a champ and rubbing and squeezing his balls as Thomas jerks both Shane and Cole in unison moving back and forth tasting the cocks before Shane moves down to give Cole room to straddle Thomas' face as Shane moves in on Chaz's cock, working the big, mushroom head as he licks and sucks it as good as Chaz is licking and sucking Thomas. In a bit, Chaz moves up to eat Cole's ass as Shane moves in to eat Chaz's ass. Thomas continues to master the art of sucking Cole's huge cock as the foursome keeps the heat pumping. Shane moves around to get a taste of Thomas' big cock as he works his mouth back and forth between Thomas and Chaz, giving them both the great blowjob he's so famous for. Stay with me folks.

The Foursome Switches Machines To Make Use Of All The Equipment…
And Thomas' ass becomes the equipment in this scene as they prop him up on a pull-up machine, straddling his legs over each side of the machine as they move underneath to eat his ass and suck his balls. Shane is sucking his cock while Chaz licks his balls. They switch things up a little and Shane goes underneath to suck Cole's cock while Cole sucks Thomas' cock and Chaz eats Thomas' ass. They flip Thomas over and have him stand on the pull-up machine as he squats down to reveal his pink pucker to Chaz who licks his finger and sticks it in Thomas' ass. Thomas' hard cock bounces in the wind as his ass is fingered nicely. Cole starts jerking him and sucking him as Shane and Chaz take turns fingering his ass. He's fucking their fingers as he fucks Cole's mouth and he's moaning the song of "oh yeah" as he does. Shane steps up to plate to eat Thomas' hole as Chaz eats Shane's ass and strokes his cock. Cole sucks Thomas while Shane eats his ass and plays with his balls and if you haven't passed out by now then you should be close to blowing your load. But wait...

There's Much More Fun When The Boys Hit The Showers…
The foursome start out in the hot tub as they sit on the ledge and shoot the shit, but it's not long before Chaz is on his knees latching onto the three cocks and taking another turn around the circle. Cole strokes Chaz as he pleases the crowd. Chaz is serious about keeping his playmates up and at 'em and does a fine job keeping the troops standing at attention.

The four pair off and Shane and Thomas hit the shower as Chaz and Cole stay back in the hot tub for some uninterrupted fun. Shane starts things off by pissing on Thomas' foot and Thomas doesn't seem to mind all that much as he watches and laughs. Shane starts soaping Thomas down from behind as he gives him a reach around soapy hand job. Thomas is quick to return the scrubbing as he caresses and enjoys Shane's body they stroke each other before moving into a hot kiss that last for quite awhile. Meanwhile Cole straddles Chaz's face in the hot tub and face fucks him good. Shane and Thomas watch the boys play as they keep their hands all over each other. Shane moves down to suck on Thomas as Chaz sucks Cole on the other side of the bathroom.

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