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Falcon - The Abduction Series Part 1 - The Abduction Director's Cut (1992) DVD
This is not your uncle’s Falcon. This bust-out flick forgoes the vanilla in favor of some premium kink. Not to be missed. Caldwell, as a uniformed military type, has men taken from their homes and brought to his punishment dungeon so he can search them for a mysterious roll of film. He and his cronies leave no orifice unexplored in their search. Cocks, dildos and fists (!) slip effortlessly into gaping manpussies. Riding crops graze bulging biceps and rock-hard nipples. Calloused hands slap alabaster buttcheeks. Men are kept as slaves in cages and have to hungrily slurp bloated fatties. Candle wax, anal beads, gags, enemas and autofellatio sweeten the mix further.

Scene 1:
Leather-bound punisher Dolph Knight gives captive Scott Hogan the full range of discipline from flogging to anal beads to dildos...making Scott take it all forcefully and eagerly begging for more through his gag.

Scene 2:
Matt Gunther and Jason Ross subject captive Craig Slater to a variety of disciplinary measures including hot wax and the insertion of a long string of anal beads.

Scene 3:
Craig Hoffman demands service from caged captive Scott Hogan. First Scott throats Craig's cock and then offers up his ass for Craig's pleasure. Craig gives Scott a hard pounding and then locks Craig's cage and walks away.

Scene 4:
Matt Gunther steals musclestud Nick Manetti away for some erotic release in the boiler room. The two men take turns sucking each others cocks before Matt plays with and finally fucks Nick's hungry hole.

Scene 5:
Troy Hunter intrudes on captives Scott Hogan and Craig Slater, administering an enema to Craig Slater then making the captive eat his ass.

Scene 6:
Dolph Knight draws Danny Somers into a scene of intense sucking, ass-play and fucking.

Scene 7:
Scott Hogan convinces fellow captive Craig Slater to release him from his cage. Once free, Scott draws Craig into a steamy encounter of ass and dildo play before crawling back into his tiny cell.

Scene 8:
Jack Dillon happens upon Chance Caldwell playing with his hole and decides to give Chance an opportunity for a rigorous sexual workout. Jack stretches and pounds Chance's ass as he begs for more working himself and Jack into a frenzy of sexual energy.

Product Information
Cast: Jack Dillon, Chance Caldwell, Dolph Knight, Craig Slater, Scott Hogan, Matt Gunther, Jason Ross, Craig Hoffman, Danny Sommers, Nick Manetti, Troy Hunter, Luke Bender.
Director: Steven Scarborough
Year: 1992
Studio: Falcon Studios

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