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Deviant Otter - Jetlagged and High
Released July 15, 2019

Usually I hold off on posting extra footage until after the main update has come out, but this time around I felt it made sense to post this first. When I showed up at my buddies place in SF I hadn’t slept the night before so I did some lines to fight off the jetlag. Well, what I thought was something was actually another, and then it felt like the building wouldn’t stop swaying for a good while. Eventually I came too and was horny as fuck, but my balls had still been killing me. So while we were waiting for my buddy, Nick, to come over and film us, Leon serviced and slopped all over my cock in his kitchen. I think one of my favorite things about Leon is his facial expressions when he’s around a naked man. Insatiable and lusting can only scratch the surface for his hunger for man parts.
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