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Bentley Race - David and Michael takes turns at being on top - David Sweet and Michael Troy
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What a hot scene between our mates Michael and David. I was sure who was going to do what in this scene. The guys had finished their photos shoots and were all barred up and ready to get it on in this hot video scene. David took control at first, quickly going down on Michael's cock and getting him nice and hard. Michael returned the favour for a little while but really he wanted to get down to fuck his mate. First he start to slam David's arse from behind, and then David pushed Michael back so he could jump on top and really give us a good at him getting drilled. The guys then surprised me by changing positions so David could get some time on top. Michael took David's cock like a real pro! He had no problem bounce on that cock as David laid back on the couch. But make sure you watch right to the end to see those smiles as both boys dump a lot of cum all over their bellies. It really was an awesome show put on but our hot Hungarian mates. It really raises the bar for our mates back home.
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