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The Casting Room - Pack 6 of 10 - 30 Videos [Complete Sets] - MP4
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The Casting Room - Pack 6 of 10 - 30 Videos [Complete Sets] - MP4

These videos walk us through the supposed auditioning process for young guys who want to enter the adult porn industry. Some of them seem very surprised when they find out it is actually the gay porn scene to which they are applying. Many of them also seem surprised at themselves for doing what they are asked to do to sexually.

These are full sets for each model consisting of an interview, physical and jerk-off session.

[TheCastingRoom] Ricky Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Ricky Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Ricky Wank.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Riley Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Riley Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Riley Wank.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Robby Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Robby Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Robby Wank.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Rolf Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Rolf Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Rolf Wank.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Ronni Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Ronni Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Ronni Wank.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Samuel Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Samuel Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Samuel Wank.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Sean Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Sean Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Sean Wank.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Sebastian Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Sebastian Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Sebastian Wank.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Shane Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Shane Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Shane Wank.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Spencer  Interview.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Spencer Physical.mp4
[TheCastingRoom] Spencer Wank.mp4
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