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BoyFun - Ass Seen On TV - Evan Ryker, Jay Daley - MP4 1080p
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Added: Aug 10th, 2018


Handsome young Evan Ryker is just stopping by to purchase a TV, but we all know horny BoyFun encounters can appear from the most innocent scenarios. It should be no surprise at all that when he spies Jay Daley's laptop open with gay porn on the screen the fit young hottie can't help but reach for his own cock. Jay arrives back in the room at just the right time, the sight of his momentary guest hard in his shorts is all he needs to see to be instigating something far more interesting than the planned transaction. The two meet in a sexy embrace, making out and groping for dick, but it's not long before their need to suck some hard young pole takes over. Tall and slender Jay has an incredible shaft, long and hooded, with great low hanging balls, Evan can't wait to get his lips around it for a thorough servicing. He licks and slurps, plays with his friend's big nuts, tastes the precum leaking from the tip of the incredible length, then gets his own amazing boner out for equal treatment. Indeed, it's perhaps no surprise that he's so skilled with such a big young cock because he has one of his own. With both boys displaying such talents in the art of oral pleasure it would be fair to assume their ability to fuck is equally impressive, something that's soon proven when Evan bends over the end of the couch to give his slim friend a taste of his naked pucker. Jay licks and tongues his new friend's hole, but it's not Evan who's craving a cock up inside him. The boys switch position and Jay offers his own eager opening for his buddy to ease into, an opportunity young Evan quickly accepts. He might start out slow and easy but soon enough his shaft is pumping in and out of Jay's rump, fucking him deep and hard, his heavy balls slapping and the sounds of hot wet sex filling the room and mixing with their soft moans of pleasure. With Evan's engorged length tapping away at Jay's prostate he can't stop his climax from taking over even if he tried, with semen squirting from his uncut dick and splashing over his thigh in a messy reward. The sight and smell of that delicious load instantly has Evan pulling his big cock out and wanking over him, erupting his milky cream to rain down over his pal.

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