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Staxus - Aced
groupcondomrimmingoralstaxusanaldoggycumblowAlex SantanaLouis BlakesonMickey TaylorOrlando WhitePaul WalkerPedro Ribeiro
Some young guys dream of winning Wimbledon or some other tennis slam; but others, like this horny bunch of top-notch fuckers, simply want to enjoy slamming of a very different kind – namely into horny, tight holes! So it’s off with the whites and on with a hot serving of wild, raw fornication, as the likes of the ever-popular Orlando White and living sex-god, Paul Walker, cum off-court for a volley of spunk-stained escapades that’ll get you fuckin’ creaming in no time! Prepare to face game, set and match for the wank of your life!

Alex Santana
Louis Blakeson
Mickey Taylor
Orlando White
Paul Walker
Pedro Ribeiro
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