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Jake Cruise Media - Dads And Lads Workout
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Hot youth and older men fucking in the gym locker rooms.

Stars:   Mike De Marco   Shay Michaels   Rock   AJ Monroe   Kyler Ash   Anthony London   Lucas Knight   Doug Jeffries

Rock spots A.J. Monroe in the locker room, and lets him know he likes the way he's put together in Dads & Lads Workout. Soon A.J.'s cock is sliding in and out of Rock's tight hole. Rock has A.J. lay down on the bench and he bounces up and down on A.J., his butt muscles flexing with each thrust.

In the showers of the local gym, young and hung Kyler Ash soaps up muscle daddy Shay Michaels. After much sucking and rimming, Shay pushes his thick daddy dick slowly into Kyler's ass while Kyler's legs are up in the air. In a fit of ecstasy, Shay Michaels shoots his warm load all over young Kyler's face.

The sexual tension is electric in the locker room between muscle dad Anthony London and jock lad Lucas Knight. Anthony eats Lucas' smooth plump ass before shoving his cock inside, and pounds Lucas hard and deep before they flip-flop.

After a long week, young and hung Mike DeMarko is ready for a little special treatment on the massage table from daddy Doug Jeffries. Doug almost immediately goes to work on Mike's huge prick, and then licks his sweet hole before plugging it with his fat dick.

108 mins
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