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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Franta Beko and Nikol Monak RAW - YOUNG OFFENDERS
Franta Beko is a very hot guy and he has been naughty, it seems. So he has been detained by Nikol Monak who is in charge of security. It seems that Franta has been stealing and was caught on camera. When threatened with the police Franta is anxious to find a way to avoid that. He is told to take off his clothes, and removes his shirt, as Nikol seems to have thought of a way to avoid callling the poilice. When Nikol pulls out his big cock Franta says his doesn't want to suck it. But threats of the police work and he is soon working his mouth on the hard cock. He licks at the balls and sucks on Nikol's big cock. Then he feels Nikol fucking that huge dick into his mouth. Nikol slaps Franta's face too as he makes Franta suck him hard. Nikol gets fully naked as he enjoys the hot mouth on his dick. That cock throbs hard as Franta keeps working on it. Then Franta takes off his pants and bends over so that Nikol can fuck his hot ass. Nikol's dick slides deep into Franta's ass and fucks him hard. That big cock opens up the hot ass as Nikol fucks so deep. Nikol's dick pounds so hard into Franta's hole. Nikol keeps up his hard fucking as his cock goes all the way into Franta's hole. He turns Franta over, onto his back, so he can fuck some more. Franta wanks himself as Nikol's huge cock is deep in his ass. Franta quckly shoots a huge cumshot, with the hot juice coating his hot chest and abs. Nikol continues to fuck that tight hole until he is read to cum too. Then he pulls out and dumps his cum too.

Released: 3 May, 2019

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