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Corbin Fisher - ACM2291 - Pierce (1080p)
Pierce is a busy guy - when he’s not studying biological sciences at college, he’s working out six days a week, and that’s when he’s feeling lazy enough to skip Sunday - so we’re happy that he managed to find the time to squeeze us into his schedule. Clean-cut and handsome, Pierce is definitely the first guy to ever use the word “endorphins” in an interview, so he’s definitely bringing brains to go along with his brawn!

Referring of course to the rush one gets from physical exertion, Pierce also recognizes that one of the pleasant side-effects of lifting weights is looking great, which he certainly does. His toned body has that great v-shape, with broad shoulders and big pecs tapering down to a ripped six pack and trim waist. His muscular legs and round, tight ass are no joke, either.

But on top of all that, Pierce has a mouthwateringly-hung cock that is the cherry on top of his good looks - he really is the total package!
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