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EnglishLads - Rowan Watson and Josh Banham Fuck Real Hard and Shoot a Nice Load of Cum
"Couple Rowan and Josh take turns to fuck each other and both get messy and shoot big"

These two lads are boyfriends and are happy to get down to some action in front of the camera - they're both broad muscly guys - obviously work hard at the gym, massive chests, arms and legs - these guys are obviously sexually into each other and get right down to action! Lots of kissing, sucking each other, and rimming, and then they love to get to fucking each other - Rowan pushing his cock into his boyfriends hole, gently fucking him, and getting to pounding when he's about to cum! Josh shoots his load on his own abs, and Rowan shoots his load over Josh's chest - so he ends up covered!

Please note: I am unable to see any evidence of the use of condoms during this clip, which is why I have used the category "bareback". If this is wrong please let me know and I'll amend the category and tags.
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