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Raw Joxxx - Mr & Mr Fully Loaded
The latest installment of the Mr. & Mr. series from Raw Joxxx is Fully Loaded and ready for anything and everything. Watch as Tyler Reed and his sexy cast of jocks suck, lick and fuck their way to a cum covered conclusion.

1. Sage Daniels, C.J. Banks
Sage Daniels likes to think he is all top but he turns all bottom as soon as there is a bigger cock in the room. Enter CJ Banks with his thick 8incher and Sage drops to his knees to cock suck that baby and give it attention like it deserves. CJ face fucks Sage good and make sure he gets his cock deep down to the base. With Sage's hairy butt hole up in the air begging for attention CJ shoves his tongue up there to get it all wet and lubed up so he can slide his thick white meat up Sage's hot hole raw! CJ slams his cock down to the balls into Sage and shows no mercy on his hole. Sage of course is begging for it harder and deeper and desperately wants to get his ass loaded from CJ's cock and load!

2. J.R. (10s), Dominik Rider
A virgin to porn and bareback porn in particular J.R. came to me wanting to breed some hot hole. So who better to pair him up with then hot Latin muscle star Dominik Rider. I think J.R. fell in love when he seen Dom's sweet tight muscle butt and he couldn't wait to get in there to spread those cheeks. After face fucking Dominik and getting himself rock hard, J.R. took a dive and ate out Dominik's ass for what seem forever. He could not get enough of that Latin meat. His face was shoved up so far up Dom's ass he almost suffocated. But it was all a prelude to getting that hole wet so he could slide his thick raw cock up Dom's ass and bareback it good. J.R. took advantage of that hole and power fucked it all over the bed so Dom could feel every last inch. Dom's ass definitely got fully loaded!

3. J.R. (10s), Justin Jameson
Like your sex a little rough? J.R. met his match when he met 6 foot 200lb Justin Jameson. These two hot jocks got in on with some serious aggressive making out and hot face fucking. In the process J.R. rips Justin's underwear and gets him all upset. Justin then rams his cock further down this bitch's throat to make him pay for ripping his favourite underwear. Justin has enough of this and bends J.R. over and rips a hole in his underwear so he can shove his thick long cock up his hole bare! Justin pounds J.R.'s hole deep and fast and makes this bottom bitch moan for more. Justin picks up J.R. while still inside him and carries him over to table so he can power fuck his jock ass and load up his hole with more cock and his hot load. J.R. learns to never piss off Justin Jameson unless you want to get your ass abused!

4. Caleb Lucas, C.J. Banks, Tyler Reed
Caleb Lucas was in cock heaven when he got paired up with hung twink CJ Banks and hung thick muscle jock Tyler Reed. Caleb gets to his knees to start worshipping both these huge cocks and getting them rock hard for some ass punishing sex. Tyler and Caleb then make out with their cocks rubbing while CJ Banks is in the back eating out Caleb's boy butt and getting it all wet for some bareback fucking. Before you know it CJ is sliding his cock up Caleb's butt opening it up and getting it ready for Tyler to start fucking him raw. Once they open up Caleb's boy butt they attempt a double fuck on his ass. This boy moans for pleasure and takes them both! CJ and Tyler put this hot bottom boy on his stomach with ass up and give him a load each. This is the best cream pie you have seen on RawJoxxx! Caleb by far really gets his ass fully loaded!

Run Time: 1:40;48

Cast: C.J. Banks, Caleb Lucas, Justin Jameson, Tyler Reed, J.R., Dominik Rider, Sage Daniels
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