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Island Studs - Duo : Flavio & Fabricio
Uncut Brazilian Roommates - Surfer Flavio, with his tight lean tan smooth ripped surfer body and Fabricio, with his hairy bubble butt and thick soccer thighs, take us to their favorite Brazilian Island Beach where they skinny dip, exercise and do hand stands fully nude, jump off large granite boulders into the sea, walk through the forest naked before returning to their private beach side apartment for nudist cocktails, naked house boy work and then sit down on the sofa for a throbbing jerk off session together in this Exclusive HOT NEW Video from Island Studs. If you have ever wanted to see two straight ripped athletic jocks from Brazil in hot duo action at a popular Brazilian beach and inside their private apartment, this new video from Island Studs is for YOU! Feast your eyes on these two newcomers: Bearded Fabricio with his hairy muscle butt and thick Brazilian Soccer thighs and popular Brazilian Surfer, Flavio with his awesome tall, smooth, tan ripped boy body, as a they show off their uncut cocks and big balls OUT IN PUBLIC for the first time ever on video! Watch Flavio and Fabricio walk to a secluded beach smiling with excitement as they strip off their board shorts and begin a fully naked exercise routine on the rocks in the morning sun.! Their sexy tan lines frame their white athletic thighs and butts as they playfully stand on their hands with their uncut Brazilian cocks dangling in the breeze. Fabricio, the dark skinned Brazilian Football Player with the fat uncut cock and big hairy balls is NOT shy about being photographed naked for the first time with his best friend and roommate, Sexy Surfer Flavio. It is a nudist's fantasy watching these two smooth athletic men fooling around with each other in the warm Brazilian Sun! Watch as Fabricio playfully grabs Flavio's bare ass before they dive off a high cliff together into the sea! Check out Flavio's super lean ripped Surfer Body, as he poses for photos with his arms behind his head showing us his sexy arm pits, and Fabricio's thick football thighs as he jumps from rock to rock by the sea! Both of these Brazilian Babes have ripped wet bodies and their uncut cocks and balls bounce around as they play by the sea! After their sexy skinny dipping session, Flavio and Fabricio stay naked and walk through the forest back to their apartment. Our cameras follow close behind them as they walk through the trees. We get some extreme close up footage of their tight Brazilian bundas as they walk in nature! What a treat: Two amazing Brazilian Asses! Once back in their private Island apartment, naked Blond Flavio begins to slice fresh fruit into the blender to make him and his roommate a stiff tropical cocktail! As he works in the kitchen, hairy muscle butt Fabricio grabs a broom and sweeps the apartment fully nude! We have include a lot of intimate, private footage of these young studs relaxing and lounging around their flat and on the balcony in the sun sipping their fresh drinks! But the best part of this new film from Island Studs is watching Flavio and Fabricio jerk off together for the very first time. These best friends have been roommates for years, often sleeping and showering in the same room, but they have never jerked off and cum together until today! So here now, for the very first time, are these two Brazilian Athletes, Blond Surfer Flavio and Soccer Jock Fabricio jerking their beautiful uncut cocks together on video! Island Studs has ventured to South America for their first Brazilian photoshoot. Do you want to meet naked Flavio and Fabricio in Brazil at the beach?

Featuring: Flavio, Fabricio
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