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Peeping Tom (1996) Sierra Pacific mp4
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Note: Several scenes were taped much earlier. How do we know? At least one person here (Dick Masters) was dead when this video was released. And the Danny Brown credited here isn't Danny Brown, but Scott Ryan.

director Thor Stephens

Bart Forbes
Danny Brown
Dick Masters (white)
Joey Stevens (big)
Reed Parker
Rico (A.Z. Paulo)
Rod Garetto
Sparky O'Toole
Vic Hall

The landlord has a concealed video camera in the rooms that he rents out. He watches as all the studs in the building fuck and suck each other. Until one day when he is comfortably jerking off in front of his monitor. And one of the renters comes to pay his rent and spots the action on the monitor. There's hell to pay, cocks to suck and asses to fuck!

1. Vic Hall, Reed Parker

2. Dick Masters, Joey Stevens (big), Bart Forbes

3. Danny Brown, Sparky O'Toole

4. Rico, Rod Garetto, Joey Stevens

5. Reed Parker, Joey Stevens, Vic Hall

Also note: some modest color correcting to this mp4.
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