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Filmco Video - Black Workout 3
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Superhung supercock superstar Joe Simmons is featured here in one of his best known flicks. An all-out black stud blowout, this series has now been around for a while, but this is still one of the best reviewed of the bunch. Not a lot of plot here, but... there's some of the most excruciating buttfucks you'll ever see. Hard to believe that in '91 they went condomless here, but they did.

Simmons is a personal trainer who has trouble keeping his gym clients on the treadmill and out of his - and each others - sweatpants. Weight training turns into weighty cock straining and locker-room banter turns into an all-out orgy. Another big plus - some of these pieces could choke a horse.

Cast:  Joe Simmons, Nick Ali, Darryl Harris, R.J. Reynolds, Mitch Green, Jeff Jones, Rocco Halaway, Jamie Jackson, Peter Fields, Andy Lane, John Perry, Rick Wynn, Ty Jones

Length: 1:33;57
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