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Cadinot - L'amour Jaloux
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L'amour Jaloux

Cast: Christophe Bertrand , Djaï Kamara, Franck Getty, Hank Reisner, Jacky Rusty, Jacques Auvray, Julien Valmont, Pascal de Leiris, Ralf Koeln, Sven Fisher, Sven Kramer

Jealousy grips the heart of a young man and drives him into the streets of Paris where desire arrives as a sexy young blond.

Who does't like drooling over stunning naked guys in magazines?

But what if you turned a page to discover your boyfriend exhibiting himself to millions of hungry onlookers?

How would you react? Jealousy? Pride?

Hank Reisner, the lead of "Garçons près de la piscine", seems to be happy. He lives in Paris with his gorgeous young French guy, Pascal. The perfect couple, you might say. But one day, Pascal finds out that his friend posed naked for "Le Guide Videomo." After a huge row, they split.

Overcome with jealousy, Pascal starts looking for secret meetings. He tries to dirty his love; to forget. Blinded by rage, he gives his body to the unknown.

He becomes a pleasure object and discovers the feeling of being infront of a camera to satisfy the desires of a mysterious stranger...

Pascal then understands how Hank felt when posing, and realises how much he loves his friend. From then on, they become really close.
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