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Body Prod - Ultimate Warriors
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The strain of muscles, the rush of endorphins, the sweat pouring down a body. The gym or sex? In Hervé Handsome's "Ultimate Warriors," that description turns out to be both. This gym-set flick finds some sexy Hungarians sparring and sucking, pummeling and pounding.
Tavish Szabad, wearing only tight pants and a huge tattoo on his chest (on the box cover), is sparring with handsome beautiful-bodied Garcia Fecske. After they finish, they stretch with each other and this leads to some cuddly kissing before they start the sex. Garcia blows first, whipping his excited head around Tavish's uncut one. Tavish sucks next, doing a fine deep-throat with lots of handwork. Effortlessly, Tavish fucks Garcia up against a mirror, not even using his hands as he plucks Garcia's muscular butt with nice zest. Shots from underneath are particularly effective. After tons of positions, with no let-up in energy, Tavish blows Garcia again to get his cum splashed on his shoulder and then Tavish has a good spray of his own.
Also in the gym are wrestling trio Rick Bauer, lean Isidore Nadas and boyish Tim Brensen. Tim is refereeing a match between the other two, and when they are finished, Tim starts feeling around their singlet-clad crotches. Things start off with an energetic circle-suck with thrusting hips as hardworking as the mouths meeting them. Isidore gets a royal sucking from Rick as Tim eats the latter's ass with a never-stropping tongue. Tim gets to nastily fuck Rick, still sucking, and spitfire Tim keeps the oomph level way up high. Rick then sits on Isidore for some riding, sucking Tim while doing it. Isidore is very strong from underneath and Rick multitasks beautifully. Rick then rims Tim, who sucks Isidore, to prep him for some fucking. Rick fucks the heck out of Tim and then Isidore gets him sideways as Tim chews eagerly on Rick's cock. All, including a two-fist-pumping Isidore, drop cum on Tim.
Bald thin Larry Packa and very tall brunet Jack Mecs had been practicing some karate in the gym and go to the locker-room to shower it off. There, they find bubble-butted goateed Ted Kabel and when they gang up on him, he's anything but upset. Larry gets between his pals and blows them, doing nicely on Jack's gargantuan piece. Then it's Ted turn to suck, with Jack face-fucking him aggressively. As Ted continues to blow, Larry rims him. Ted then gets a chance to suck both other guys together, which works well. The guys share nipple-pierced Ted's cock and then Larry does a luscious deep-throat on Ted's cock. Strong Jack fucks Ted, who blows Larry. Larry, who possesses a big hooked cock, fucks Ted next, smushing in just as deeply. However, the highlight of the scene is when Larry rides on Ted. He masters this hard position with such smooth speed, it's amazing. Jack tries his best to blow Larry a bit, but he's moving too fast. Larry then gets it from Jack as Larry and Ted 69. Larry is again unstoppable both of mouth and ass and everyone cums on him in the end.
Tavish is back on the gym floor, doing leg exercises that show off his crotch, and twinky brunet Ritchy Segely is certainly entranced. Ritchy starts kissing Tavish and it's then that blondish Paris Granat alights his Stairmaster and helps them out. Ritchy takes to Tavish's cock as the latter whips off another deep-throat on long-dicked Paris. Tavish is so good he gets both dicks at once to tackle, and does so with lots of spirit. Paris gets a fucking from Tavish, the bottom sucking Ritchy. Sweetie Tavish not only fucks Paris, but he jacks him off as well. There's a delicious man-in-the-middle fuck where Tavish slices effortlessly between Ritchy's perky cheeks and the latter keeps his cock buried in Paris' ass. Again, it's The Tavish Show, but Ritchy gets to do a little active bottoming when he rides on Tavish later. Tavish cums with Ritchy licking at his balls and then Paris shoots right below Tavish's pec tattoo, leaving Ritchy to mess up the other pec.
Bald very masculine Erik Lenn, pretty-boy Erik Flower and amiable smiling brunet Mack Safrany practice some boxing in the gym and then go over to the massage table, where little blond-tinted Rossi Fabab is wrapping his hand. Mack goes to massage Eric, and things turn sexual quickly. As Mack hunkers down to blow Eric, the real focus of the scene is on Rossi, who is delivering a wowing blow to the sexy hairy-chested Erik. Each suckee fucks his sucker. Eric takes Mack, his upturned cock sliding gracefully into his partner while strong Erik slams in and out of Rossi's little hole. Watch him deliver a series of full in-and-out handless pounds, all without so much as a whimper from plucky Rossi. The quartet joins together when Erick fucks Mack, who sucks Rossi as he's riding on Erik, who is actually controlling the fuck from below. Rossi then bottoms for Eric and they create lots of heat, with Mack riding on Erik in the background. Rossi gets shots from everyone, and none of them are little sprays, either.
The "Ultimate Warriors" guys have the right idea. Find a nearly deserted gym, work your body into an energetic fury ... and then let off steam sexually!

Cast: Eric Flower, Erik Lenn, Garcia Fecske, Isidore Nadas, Jack Mecs, Larry Packa,
Mack Safrany, Paris Granat, Rick Bauer, Ritchy Segely, Rossi Fabab, Tavish Szabad,
Ted Kabel, Tim Brensen

Length: 1:53:42
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