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Titan Men - Extra Firm
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Hard and strong, never soft. Ripe and ready for a firm hand or a hungry mouth. If you like them Extra Firm, join the studs who get a taste of Dario Beck, Jesse Jackman and Hunter Marx — who show why they are always in season. Fresh from his morning shower, Dario Beck wakes up lover Colby White, who soon has his cock planted deep in both of the handsome bottom's holes. Horned after his workout, Hunter Marx needs to get off and blond Mike Tanner is happy to get the stud sweating again. In need of a release, Jesse Jackman corners lover Dirk Caber in the kitchen, the two hairy hunks flip-fucking each other in a grunt-filled exchange.

1. Dario Beck, Colby White
After his morning shower, Dario Beck heads back to bed to wake up lover Colby White with a kiss. Dario rubs Colby’s clipped chest, then rubs the boner building under the sheets—Colby’s briefs already stained with precum. Dario releases Colby’s cock, the two sharing a slow, sensual kiss as Dario teases it. He then engulfs it, a wad of spit forming around the base. Dario stands on the bed to feed his lover, who takes the thick, uncut dick deep. Dario whispers “Fuck yeah!” as Colby tongues his shaft and balls, the sucker’s rock-hard cock leaking precum. Colby fucks Dario from behind, the bottom’s hard cock bouncing and leaking a glistening stream. Dario bites down on his hand, gripping the sheets as he gets pounded. Dario turns on his side and then his back, his hole hair gripping Colby’s cock. Dario shoots his white-hot load, then gets drenched by a Colby gusher that coats his hairy body—the two kissing as cum clings to the bottom’s forearm.

2. Hunter Marx, Mike Tanner
Fresh from the gym, hairy Hunter Marx is horny—and blond Mike Tanner is happy to help. The two kiss, shedding their shirts. Mike licks Hunter’s pit, then pulls down Hunter’s shorts—a giant boner popping in front of his face. “Fuck yeah, take it deep,” moans Hunter as Mike plants his lips to the base. Mike stands up for a kiss, then gets his own big knob slurped. With his own boner stiff as steel, Hunter sucks his bud—then rubs his scruffy face and head all over Mike’s groin. The two kiss, Hunter demanding Mike’s ass. He licks it, jacking Mike underneath. Hunter grinds his cock on Mike’s crack, then slides it inside and goes balls deep. “Ride my dick,” says Hunter, Mike’s cock hitting the top’s stomach as he sits down on him. Hunter’s huge shaft and balls are caught in an unforgettable shot as they pump, the top jacking Mike as he fucks him. Mike gets on his back and is soon coated in cum—a hot shot from Hunter sliding down the side of his stomach.

3. Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber
Coming home after a long day, Jesse Jackman is in need of some loving. He grabs hold of Dirk Caber in the kitchen, their scruffy chins scraping as they kiss. Jesse towers over his boyfriend, licking Dirk’s chest and nips before working his way down. He smiles up as Dirk, whose cock gets sucked slow and deep. Dirk moans as Jesse’s snake-like tongue tickles the underside of his shaft. The two switch positions, Dirk burying his head in Jesse’s massive chest before engulfing the stud’s curvy cock. Dirk rubs Jesse’s bod as he sucks, the muscle hunk smiling down at him. Jesse’s eyes roll up in his head as he gets deep-throated, the two holding each other’s hand over his stomach in a romantic display. Jesse tongues Dirk’s hole, teasing it before fucking him doggy-style. Jesse picks up the pace and plows faster, getting sweatier with each thrust as Dirk buries his head in the sheets—his ass rippling as the two grunt. Dirk arches back to steal a kiss before fucking Jesse on his back, his hand gripping Jesse’s giant pec before the two squirt.

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