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Eon Films - The Stone Age
eon filmsstone ageanaloralcondomsChase MatthewsCole RyanEddie StoneJamie DonovanJesse SantanaJorden MichaelsKyle AamesLogan RobbinsTory MasonTroy Casteel
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Blast to the past and watch these hot cavemen past the time together in this pre-historic bareback romp!

Enjoy these hot studs as they do it like the Stone Age!


After finding sanctuary with all the homo homo-erectus they reunite him with Jesse Santana. The tribe awards Stone with a set of new fur garments and boots that would make a Bob Mackie-era Cher green with envy. Quickly the two duck out to enjoy some privacy in their own cave. The chemistry between the two is palpable. Stone employs his skillful tongue on Santana's glorious, puckered hole. Santana returns the favor by sucking Stone's member. Stone ravenously devours Santana's wonderfully proportioned penis. Their sex emphasizes their love story - Stoneeagerly reaches around as Santana bounces on his thick cock. Soon Santana leans himself against a wall for lengthy backside penetration. Santana glows the epitome of cuteness, powered by Stone's relentless pounding behind. The bottomboy bites down on his bone necklace. Sadly, an earthquake cuts short the bliss of their union. Flash forward to circa 1954, and the story comes full circle. The celebratory sexcapades of the two scientists are cut short. Budget cuts abbreveate the project that discovered the frozen stone age Santana.
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